♫ Baby Gap, Baby Gap oh Baby, baby, baby Gap! ♫

Today was Antz first day off to work on the nursery and so far we have taped off the glass on the french door and washed the walls to prep for paint. We would have started painting by now but we are waiting, waiting, waiting for the *stupid* Air conditioning guy to show up. They told me he’d be there between noon and 3pm but now it’s looking like 3pm – 6pm. Sucks! We need to get started painting and Antz may have scored our crib for $750!!! He’s been looking diligently everyday on craigslist for our Oeuf crib in Birch and today we struck gold. Someone is selling a brand new one in an unopened box in Bel Air *ritzy neighborhood*. We are now holding our breath and crossing our fingers she calls us to let us know if it’s still available.

This morning was awesome, we both got up pretty early and hit the mall and we were the only customers at the store. We found almost everything on my list and Antz found some sweet outfits and I set my budget at $350, the total was $355.96. We are elated! I feel like we have a great start on her wardrobe.

Our loot! I ordered 4 pieces online that are for newborn sizes. Most of the stuff we bought are 3-6 or 6-12 since she’ll grow out of the 0-3 months so quickly. Every purchase we make makes Olivia feel more real. It’s so exciting! I ordered my hospital pajamas today since they are on sale and I am worried that it would sell out in my size.

I also bought her crib bedding because I got an email from someone at Modern Nursery offering me 5% on my cart, Antz told me to email back and ask for 10% and she said yes. I saved $31.

The A/C guy is here now and he is bleeding us dry on price. We had no idea the maintenance for cooling was separate from heating so we have to pay $79 for each and to have the ducts cleaned another $280.
*SADFACE* We may have to bite the bullet and pay up since he said all the dirt collecting in the attic will filter through the house and could possibly cause respiratory problems. I knew our system was at least 10 years old, I just hope that all the work and money will improve the air flow in our bedroom and the nursery.

This is the disgusting state of our furnace in the attic and the lint from the previous owner’s brilliant idea to vent the dryer into the attic *which is a total fire hazard*. One of these days we’ll go up there and vacuum but not today!
Still waiting to hear about the crib, I will post the good or bad news later tonight.

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