This little piggy went to market

Here’s a little piggy at the market…

That is one wide rump!!

I look like a freakin’ giant! Today Aimee and I went shopping for Liv’s solids. *sads* Why are we nerds and we all wore white dresses today *totally forgot to take a pic of our trio 🙁 * We went to Whole Foods *mega expensive* and it took me forever to choose some organic rice cereal. I was walking around with giant question marks floating over my head. It’s a stressing decision, I knew it had to be a single grain and organic but no idea which brand would be best.

They had some pretty sweet baby stuff but my wallet is on lockdown for the moment so I can get everything on Liv’s Christmas Wishlist
Aimee & Liv
 Here’s the winner, the packaging was almost too convincing. It may has well said unless you wanna feed your kid plastic, jizzed on, chemically processed shit, then buy our rice cereal, our shit is THE BEST!!
Umm ok hippies, natural art supplies…a bit much and a bit too pricey!!

So I bought her food but we won’t be trying it until Sunday when we get back from my Mom’s house. I also picked up some awesome flowers but I’m too lazy to go take a pic of them so you’ll  have to wait until tomorrow. We went to our weekly hangout, Target *of course* and I spent waaay too much money *I swear on a stack of bibles, I only bought necessities* but I used coupons and I was happy, happy because I saved like $7 on detergent and diapers *yay me* We were burning up so we got Jamba Juice. Next week we are going couch shopping for Aimee at Urban Outfitters. I think we may have to wait until Antz gets off since I’m not carrying a couch and we need to borrow his truck.

Tuesday our girl turned 5 months!! I cannot take her growing up anymore. I need to find a serum that will keep her little!

I love that she can fit her Vans now. Gotta get her Brobee Vans

4 thoughts on “This little piggy went to market

  1. Yay, how does Olivia like it? We are starting on Sunday. I am so nervous that she will start spitting up *she hardly ever does now*. Thank you about the Vans!! Antz thinks they look cheap but I'll convince him they are RAD!!

  2. Olivia grimaced at first and didn't get a whole lot in her tummy. They will just pushing it out of their mouths. But the 2nd and 3rd time was better.They will start eating more as they get use to it. When are you going to start veggies and fruits? m

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