Liv’s Playdate with her BFF ❤

Sunday we went to visit our friends, Cobb, Jenn & baby Charlotte in Montrose. We had them over our house about 3 weeks ago. We let the girls play together while all the parents Ooohed and Awwwed *total nerds* they totally are into each other.

I really need to trim my bangs, I look so bummers!
I shall eat your face!!

The girls had a Sophie Chew-a-thon.

We walked down to the Montrose farmers market *brrr, was it windy and cold*

We encountered these adorable swing dancers.

We picked up some organic giant carrots and snap peas. We couldn’t find the squash we bought at the Studio City farmers market

When we got back Jenn made us the yummiest apple cider and brownies I’ve ever had. I totally stuffed my face *classy* Charlotte was kind enough to give Liv a turn in her jumper and Liv went ape shit!!

Charlotte is like, rock out, Olivia!

“Thanks for letting me play”

Jenn and I made a weekly date to start walking again *exercise…boo?* but I’m happy to get the girls together

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