My Backpack, and some other Things too

Remember I was bummed that this backpack sold out a few weeks ago? Well, the fashion Gods over at Mod Cloth took pity on me and restocked just one Back in the Day Backpack especially for me! I snatched the backpack up and a few other items I couldn’t resist. *caution, the shopaholic strikes*

I suck at mirror photos *ew, soo myspace* but my camera doesn’t love me, and I haven’t figured out how to use my camera remote control *I really need to take the camera in for service and learn how to use the remote function* so I had to take these teenager style. Musee de Montmartre skirt is a steal at $35 bucks!

Photo FAIL…but I love my crimson lips! *eye spy my Jonathan Adler fancy toilet paper holder, grab yours here*
Flirty skirty
My hair is unusually huge from my hot rollers, the curls fell right out but the volume stuck around
It photographs more pink than bright red. I am worried the first wash will fade it.

I also got the Sun Stand-in hat which I was under the impression was a brighter yellow tone. I’m happy it’s more of a mustard and I love the fit.

You can’t see the awesome huge Pom on the top

I am super stoked about my lovely Cambridge Satchel. I haven’t tried out putting all my computer stuff in it yet. I’m a little worried about it being leather *LEATHAH as Aimee says it*, I’m so clumsy I’m sure I’ll scratch it. I am happy with the red color but in all honestly, I still really want one in a florescent color too.

My Loot!!!

So I’m crossing things off my Paris trip wishlist. I even used all my Best Buy reward points I racked up buying my new Mac and only had to pay a difference of $17 for my amazing Aviator headphones…they are soo rad. I have to take a photo of me wearing them. They are the TITS!!

Toodle Loo, off to Scruffin Rock

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