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A Dream is a wish your heart makes

If you have come into contact with me for the past two years then you may already know my life dream is to move to France for a year. I think I have told our mailman, everyone at Liv’s French school and even total strangers who humor me with a smile while I crazily go on and on… Continue reading A Dream is a wish your heart makes

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Iceland Day Three

As much as I wanted to just sleep in the next day we had a prepaid tour that was FOURTEEN HOURS long! I was hoping to avoid booking any guided tours but I also wanted to see parts of Iceland I didn’t feel so confident driving to. Plus, this tour was highly rated and it… Continue reading Iceland Day Three

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Wow! Our Trip to Iceland

I still can’t believe we went to the most beautiful country in the world. Last spring I heard of an airline called Wow Airlines. They were starting nonstop service from LAX to Reykjavik and there was a special sale in October for $99 one way fares. The dates happen to synch with Olivia’s school October… Continue reading Wow! Our Trip to Iceland

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Bonne Année 2016!

Bonjour new year! I am so stoked for 2016 mostly because my life has a weird pattern of incredible years being even-numbered (Antz and I met in 1996, got engaged in 2000, got married in 2002, bought our house in 2006, had Liv in 2010) As crazy as it sounds, it’s been a trend that my best years… Continue reading Bonne Année 2016!

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Less Plastic, more experiences!

This post is a good follow up to Liv’s bedroom makeover since that was a result of my new mind-set after having an epiphany from reading the (seriously) Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I love to shop; from finding the perfect item, to getting best online bargain and that high from discovering packages on my porch. Olivia definitely has gotten… Continue reading Less Plastic, more experiences!

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Day trip to Astoria, Oregon

 Our kid is really into my dvd collection from the eighties. The original Annie, Beetlejuice, Legend and The Goonies are her favorites. I must say, The Goonies is the perfect kid’s flick, a treasure hunt, pirates and Cyndi Lauper! Liv has inherited my good taste in cinema. I told her about the city where the… Continue reading Day trip to Astoria, Oregon

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Pack Rat

I have been running around like a chicken with her head cut off preparing for our trip. I hope to have everything done by next week so I won’t have any last minute surprises. I am trying to stay uber-organized because this is the longest trip we’ve taken so I am packing our entire lives.… Continue reading Pack Rat