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A Dream is a wish your heart makes

If you have come into contact with me for the past two years then you may already know my life dream is to move to France for a year. I think I have told our mailman, everyone at Liv’s French school and even total strangers who humor me with a smile while I crazily go on and on… Continue reading A Dream is a wish your heart makes

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La Tour Eiffel

It’s been three weeks since my trip to Paris and I still can smell the fresh baked baguettes in the air. Visiting Paris during spring is such a difference than being there during the summer. I was concerned that the weather would be too cold, rainy and gloomy. Being cold makes me miserable but I… Continue reading La Tour Eiffel

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Paris Je’taime

Another magical day in the city I love.    I had Aimee use her make up expertise to give me winged eyes There was a lovely French soundtrack following us everywhere we went We accidentally stumbled upon the Marché aux Oiseaux near Notre Dame. I must buy that pink balloon for Liv’s room!   Hot… Continue reading Paris Je’taime

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Mon trente- huit Anniversaire

My birthday was pretty rad! Aside from spending the day with my best friend in the city I love, I also went to an art show I have been wanting to see and had an awesome birthday dinner. I am so full of gratitude to my husband for giving me this incredible gift. I drank until… Continue reading Mon trente- huit Anniversaire

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Day Two in Paris

Today was my birthday! I feel so grateful to spend it in such a magical place with my best friend. We are so happy. We spent the day exploring the city, eating, laughing so hard we cried and marveling over how we were in our favorite city together twelve years after our first trip. I… Continue reading Day Two in Paris

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Paris March 2015 *Updated*

I flew out to Paris alone to surprise my BFF Aimee and spend my birthday in my favorite city!! She had no idea I was coming to visit her. It was burning up in LA but only 40 degrees in Paris so I had to layer Thanks for the best birthday present my heart! I’ll… Continue reading Paris March 2015 *Updated*

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Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise: The Lost Photos

How creepy is it that while we were in Paris half of the photos I took at Pere Lachaise cemetary went mysteriously missing? Well, yesterday I finally took the plunge and restored my iPhone so I could upgrade to IOS 7. I was reluctant to do it since I am technologically challenged and I could… Continue reading Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise: The Lost Photos