Giving up the Olympic Dream

In reflection to yesterday’s post, I was quite aware that when I made my resolutions, they would come with some level of sacrifice. I had to pretend I was a grown-up, and even remember, I am someones Mother, so I have an obligation to Olivia’s best interest. So, alas, the decision has been made. I shall forgo our big trip to the London Olympics in 2012 in an effort to save for our Dream House. As painful as this may be, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

*Mind the Gap, in London 2003*

Cons *the sucky part about not going to the London Olympics*

Duh, missing out on one of the most historic summer Olympic opening ceremonies.
No longer Fulfilling #23 & #5 on my Life List *lame*
Not being able to travel internationally with Olivia *I am so very desperate to fill my empty passport before it expires in 2017*
I really wanted to stay at the W London – Leicester Square, another goal on my Life List #18
I would like to give Liv a well-travelled childhood *similar to my own*
I’ll miss out on all the lovely photos of our family in London *one of my favorite cities*
It may be a hard pill to swallow, but I’d take getting into a better neighborhood for Liv over anything!!

Pros *let’s look at the brighter side of forgoing the trip*

I can save the money for a down payment for our Dream House *see, I am looking at the bigger picture*
London is terribly expensive *the trip would cost $7000 anywhere else but it’s over $15k in GBP*
It will be ridiculously crowded with annoying tourists
Liv will be too young to remember the trip *not like this has ever stopped me before*
I checked the London2012 site this morning and the opening ceremony price is £995 each *converted into USD that is $4,773!!* also, these tickets are only available to British citizens, I would have to buy tickets through the US National Olympic Committee and I have no idea how expensive or if I would even get tickets.
We can always travel to London at another time *less expensive + less crowds = better vacation*

I think that alone shows my commitment to my New Year’s Resolutions. The money I was going to spend on booking our hotel in March will now fix our *badly needed* plumbing. I am pretty bummed about it, but the Olympics are every 4 years, so in the future, when we’ve moved to Atwater Village, I can look back and say I did what was necessary for the long term. Now, for paying off that credit card debt….

Happy Christmas 2010!!!

3 thoughts on “Giving up the Olympic Dream

  1. Very proud of you, dear! I know it wasn't an easy decision, but it was definitely the best for your family! I would love to go to London with Lily one day.. IDK if AJ would go b/c he's one of those people who gets annoyed by their accents (lol) but I loved it when I went a few years ago so would LOVE for Lily to experience it! In the future you can go, and like you said, at least she'd remember it and appreciate the trip much more later.. BTW, LOVE the cartoon family of you 3… TOO CUTE! Your hubby is truly talented!

  2. Thanks so much, we were thinking of adding the cards to our Etsy shop but Antz doesn't really have the time to draw and the people who have expressed interest want 9 people/pets on their card!! That's too many. We were going to charge $10 per person but noone will pay $90 for a card. Eeesh! I am really bummed that I can't just live in Paris for a year to learn it!! Spanish is much easier to learn. Is AJ teaching Lily?

  3. From my experience with both languages, I have to agree that spanish is much easier! French is very tricky… But it's kinda cool that some spanish/french/italian words are a lot alike.. I'd love to be like multi-lingual, but I think I'll try to nail spanish first! His mom helps me a lot with that… She works with Lily too.. It's like her & I will be learning together! AJ doesn't speak spanish all too often, but his mom does all the time. Hope I can just pick it up without having to do the rosetta stone or something route.. We shall see! Good luck, love!

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