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I am Elizabeth, a forty-ish Francophile who adores vintage photo booths, balloons, Björk, peonies, and desserts. I am married to Antz a brilliant and rad artist and together we have a lovely daughter, Liv. Antz and I were born and raised in Los Angeles but we fell in love with Paris after traveling there for vacation. In March 2018, our family followed our longtime dream and moved to Paris, France. Moving abroad was the most stressful, scary and exhilarating thing we ever did but it completely changed our family’s lives for the better and we are now happy Parisian expats.

Here are a few interesting tidbits about me, I won the Showcase Showdown on The Price is Right when I was nineteen years old. I am an only child, our daughter is an only child and my Mom is also an only child yet my husband is the youngest of six children! Sunkissis was my first email address from 1996 and I still use it today.

Mon Ami Paree intro post

Spirit Animal: Highland cows and otters I could watch them for hours
Go-to road trip snack: Kettle popcorn and white chocolate French cookies Le Petit Ecolier
Favorite movie: Rosemary’s Baby, Amelie, The Royal Tenenbaums, Midsommar and Marie Antoinette (sorry impossible to just chose one)
Celebrity crush: Jeff Goldblum (I met him!), Jason Schwartzman, Conan O’Brien (I met him too!) and Waris Ahluwalia ♡
Top Five Favorite Bands: Björk, A Tribe Called Quest, Tyler the Creator, April March and Billie Holiday 
Guilty pleasure: Online shopping, tabloid magazines and attending fancy open houses
Childhood hero: Michael Jackson and my first grade teacher Mrs. Lori Carpenter


Antz and I have been together since nineteen hundred and ninety-six! This handsome, talented artist  loves Thundercats, ice cold milk, making crafts with our daughter and wants to own a baby donkey. Antz proposed to me after six years of dating on top of the Empire State Building in New York City. We got married on our favorite beach in Malibu on a sunny day in August. We bought our first home, a 1923 California bungalow in hipster Highland Park (Los Angeles) four years after we were married. You can see the improvements we have made over the years here. He was a Senior Art Director for Nickelodeon before we moved to France, now he is a freelance artist and is enjoying working remotely in our Parisian apartment.

I began blogging out of boredom to rant about my life many years ago. Then I became pregnant with our lovely daughter Liv, and the ranting became raving. Being this kid’s Mom is my life’s greatest accomplishment.

Liv is a rad eleven year old who already has a full schedule with modeling, drama class, ballet lessons, roller skating club, playdates with her friends, and playing Minecraft! She is obsessed with making videos for her YouTube channel Liv in Paris and TikTok, watching anime, gaming on her fancy custom PC, loves crafting with her Dad, dressing up in cosplay, dancing to 80’s music, drinking boba and reading manga (Japanese comics). She is currently teaching herself Japanese, just started streaming on her Twitch channel and she wants to attend language school in Tokyo.
Liv attends a French public school, she’s the tallest kid in her class and she is our official French translator. When Liv was six, she and I worked all summer long to memorize The Animaniac’s Nations of the World song.

We have a grumpy 14 year old cat named Lola that Antz brought from LA to Paris. She enjoys napping, eating and hates wearing hats. 

Currently, I am a stay-at-home Mom/blogger and I enjoy giving walking tours of lovely Paris for friends and family.

These are a some of my favorite hobbies:

Dreaming of buying and renovating a charming, old cottage in the French countryside
Traveling to every country in the EU
Hunting Flash Invaders 
Being silly in photo booths
Collecting vinyl records
Brunching on Sunday afternoons
Going on dates to matinee movies with my husband
Playing Pokemon Go with my kid
Attempting to cook at least once a month (Antz is our incredible chef)
I have almost 3,000 hours of playing Animal Crossing New Horizons on my Nintendo Switch
Facetime chatting with my Mom and my best friend, Aimee
Swooning over Wes Anderson films
and most importantly, making new friends in Paris.
J’apprends à parler français!

We are so lucky to live this unpredictable, happy life.

Lovely meeting you!



5 thoughts on “About Elizabeth

  1. Your daughter is so smart to sing all the nations of the world like that from memory! I don’t think I’d ever be able to do that. 🙂
    You have one of the most charming and delightful blogs I’ve ever seen. Best wishes for all you do and safe journey on your adventures traveling.
    Your interior design is AWESOMENESS!!!!

      • Whaaat? She is an Animaniacs fan? Maaaaan, I was an Animaniacs kid… and she’s maybe second or third generation on that? She’s too cool.
        I was thinking she was like Akeelah and the bee…
        did she see that movie? She’s just a smartie like that child.
        Anyhow… Yer a good mama and I love your interior design and artist husband’s work and your attitude.
        You fill in the spaces with color and joy that I needed to encounter. I am so happy to be following your blog.

  2. Coming from AT. You’re a beautiful family ! What I love the most in your photos is how you definitely stay bright, colourful, smiley and happy even when the weather is not that good. We french, are pretty moody and we love our black, grey and navy clothes, so you’re a welcoming touch of joy 🙂 I’ll be following your adventures !

    • Wow Murielle! Your comment made my day. I feel like I stuck out like an alien here with my bright colors but I can’t bear to wear dark colors. We are having the greatest time in Paris, it’s a dream come true. Merci for your kind comment. A bientôt.

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