Cool Books for Toddlers

My three and a half year old is beginning to read. Like sounding out words, recognizing letters, colors and so it begins. I was an avid reader growing up *maybe it’s a common trait among only children* so I fondly remember begging my Mom to take me to the book store, or ordering books through Scholastic. I went through about eighty of the Babysitters Club book series during the summer. Then I graduated to the Sweet Valley Twins/High series. How I survived in a pre-Amazon society, I’ll never know.

I am now looking for toddler-friendly awesome books for Liv to read unassisted *she is going through an “I can do it by my own!” phase* We love Taro Gomi books and the Leslie Patricelli books, also very excellent for toddlers to read on their own.

Here’s our current favorite bookie wookies.

Baby Lit series

I think I mentioned these before but they are pretty great. I got a stellar deal for this entire set *we already owned Alice in Wonderland & Dracula* from Groupon for half off.

Of course Dracula is her favorite. Each book has a different interaction, like counting, or colors, sounds, etc. Do you lovelies have any awesome book suggestions? She has almost every single Little Golden book Disney makes.

Liv has been very inquisitive lately, she always asks where we are going? Where are we driving to? She also wants to know if women we encounter are Moms or she asks, “what’s her name?” It’s cute, I love seeing this kid grow up into an awesome little person.

Downtown LA in the Arts District

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