Violently Happy in London: Day One

This is my second trip to London and Antz third time. You would think we’ve been there, done that but oh no! This city has changed since the last time I was there *I have changed a lot too!* I reserved a Mini Cooper at the car rental place since it would be perfect to drive around in a red Mini with a Union Jack roof. However, the rental place only had manual transmission left and they told us the Minis were super tiny. We wouldn’t be able to fit one of our suitcases in the boot *that’s trunk to you Yanks* let alone all seven bags and a car seat for Liv. I had to get a bigger car so I ended up with an Audi A6.

This dude was taking forever, we were ready to drive to our hotel,  Boo!
Liv, watch our bags
Fresh to Death in Black
I admit, I drive like a lunatic however, Londoners drive bat shit crazy!!

When we finished the photo shoot with Lee it was almost 6 pm but it doesn’t get dark here until 9 pm. We walked around the neighborhood checking out the old rad architecture. I loved being able to see London through my kid’s eyes.

Rivington Rat
Of course we did some more Banksy hunting!
I have never tried authentic London fish and chips so I heard this place in Shepherd’s Bush was good.
We were all quite famished by this point
Mushy peas anyone?
We had haddock and chips and calamari, very tasty


Then we took the Audi for an evening sightseeing drive
Buckingham Palace, the flag was out so Queen Elizabeth was in residence!
Fun Fact; Big Ben is the nickname of the the 156 year old bell inside of “Elizabeth Tower
Liv kept saying Peter Pan lives there!
The London Eye is enormous!
I was so excited to find a red telephone box but not so pleased to find the interior reeked of urine!

Our hotel has a photo booth!! I think I’m going sleep in it.

She started off very serious, then silly
Nothing makes me happier in the world than this kid!!
Well done Ace Hotel!

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