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There is a house in Atwater Village that I really love!


































Atwater Village is a small town in between Los Feliz, Silverlake and Glendale. There is a downtown area with cute shops, restaurants and art galleries. We love eating at Acapulco *we go so much the waiter knows us* There’s a ton of cute Mom & Pop boutiques. There’s even a wine tasting place. It’s an awesome neighborhood. It has young trendy people like us. The house is Spanish style with a clay tile flat roof. It’s a 2 bed 1 bath with a den and converted guest house. There is a front lawn with tons of trees and shrubs. It has a small backyard with a nice pool. There is tile on the patio and an outdoor fireplace. It’s listed for $750,000. So far there are no offers and it’s been on the market since June.I would love to sell Dexter and put an offer but I need at least 20% down which is $150,000! I also need closing costs, bank fees, furniture and landscaping. All together with a 20% down payment it comes close to $300,000.I know it sounds impossible but my Mom is selling Inglewood and she said if I help her she’ll pay me $50,000. I cannot stop thinking about the house, it needs a little work and we would have to install a bath in the guest house but I think it’s perfect for the location, the amenities and the price. It originally was listed for $833,000. I wrote a letter to the owner letting her know we are interested. I am waiting to hear from Debora so she can give us her opinion about selling. Our house is coming up as $360,000 on Zillow which worries me. All I want to do is sell for enough to pay off our current mortgage and get qualified for a new mortgage that is no more than $3800 a month with tax impounds.

*Update* The beautiful and perfect Atwater house sold in January for $636,000!!! I am so bummed and shocked. I can’t believe it sold for such a low price! It’s practically $200,000 less than asking price. I hope that God has something better in store for us because I feel so depressed about that house. I see us raising Liv there. It is close to the nursery school I want her to go to. I feel like I am in a constant state of waiting. I love Atwater Village, we spend more time hanging out there then we do by our house. I am hoping my mom sells her house in Inglewood by the end of this year. It’s the only way we will get a new house. I can’t find any houses with all the features and this perfect location. Even other pool houses in Atwater aren’t as charming or on the right street. I don’t want to be too close to the LA river because lots of homeless people live there and the neighborhoods don’t feel as safe. I also want to be within walking distance to Glendale Blvd.

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  1. I have a house in Atwater Village that is cuter than the one you like. I fear that I may have to move due to the location of my work. I would love to send you pictures or have you come by if you are interested. This house is currently not listed, but I am looking for someone to appreciate it the way I do. My email is Ciao!

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