Want to play along?

1. Favorite John Hughes ‘80s movie? Definitely 16 Candles, I video taped it from HBO back in the 80’s and I watched it over and over so many times that the tracking was ruined on the video. I had the biggest crush on Jake Ryan and I loved the soundtrack. Long Duk Dong rules!!

2. Favorite non-John Hughes ‘80s movie?
A tie between The Goonies and The Lost Boys. The Goonies was my all-time favorite movie until 1987 when I fell head over heels for a blonde boy named Corey Haim. I was obsessed with the Lost Boys, I know every line by heart. I wanted to move to Santa Cruz and become a vampire.

3. Cake or pie? Discuss.
Wow, what a toss up! My absolute favorite is Baskin Robbins ice cream cake in pralines & cream but does that count as official cake?

4. Here is $100 cash, what would you splurge on?
For sure a mani/pedi *I haven’t had one since my bebe shower* and a new pair of red Tom’s

and with the rest I would probably have a feast at Tenno Sushi…mmm I wish I had that 100 bucks now.

5. Here is another $100 cash, but you have to donate it. To whom and why?
$50 to the Burbank Animal Shelter. I adopted my Lola from there and it’s a lovely shelter but I’m sure they could use as much help as they could get. The other $50 would go to WWF. I can’t stand to watch those commericals with the baby polar bear on the iceberg looking for it’s Mommy, it kills me! I feel like animals deserve all my charity.

6. First job you ever had.
When I was 15 I worked as a summer counselor at a camp near my house. It was the best first job ever! I only worked from 8am – noon but I had so much fun. We went on field trips every Monday and I really bonded with those kids. I bought a pager *this was the early nineties* and a pair of boots with my paychecks.

7. Something that you collected and have since stopped but people keep giving you (and what do you do with it now?).
Haha, I was a huge Hello Kitty collector years ago. I have since developed a reputation of being *Miss Kitty* and people continue to give me Hello Kitty gifts on my birthday. I have a bunch of stuff in my closet still in the boxes. On my last birthday I got this guy that now lives on top of the doorway of Olivia’s nursery.

8. Describe your perfect Sunday.

Today was pretty perfect, Sarah *our photographer that did our maternity pics* came by at 9am and we took newborn/family pics.
Now we are lazing around the house. Antz is going to grill cheeseburgers and corn on the cob later and we will watch the fireworks in our backyard and make s’mores over the firepit tonight.

9. Look! Time travel is now possible! Where would you go?
Yay, 1960’s London. Groovyness!!

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