Cupcake Queen

Yesterday I picked up my Mommy-in-Law, Maria and we went to lunch at Thai Eagle Rox. She had never tried Thai food before so I ordered chicken pad thai for her. She was so enthralled with Liv she barely ate but she assured me she liked it.














































I hadn’t had Thai in ages, so yummy! So we hung out at my house until Antz came home and I showed her my cupcake books.









I really want to start practicing some of the receipes in the books. I also want to make more cookies *like our christening ones*









I have to call Les to find out where she bought her fondant. Before I can create yumminess, I need supplies











Compliments of Goddess Martha. Antz Mom is onboard with helping me become a Cupcake Queen. Antz is home early today *yay Summer Fridays* and he’s making lunch for us. My angel is playing on her mat and cooing up a storm *so in love*








Then I need to run errands and possibly pick up a new bathing suit for swimming at Keith’s tomorrow.

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