Aye Curumba!!

Tonight I cooked dinner for Olivia while Antz cooked dinner for us. We feasted on blue cheese burgers and homemade fries and I attempted to make Kale & Carrots for Liv with the Beaba Babycook.

I had to look up how to use it on youtube since we didn’t have the manual. I must have watched the video 7 times before I could even figure out how to put the lid on it *Liv’s favorite song*. I chopped half a carrot in tiny pieces, added water in the steamer and waited about 5 minutes until I saw steam coming out the top. I took the carrots out, emptied the water in the cup and pressed the puree button. I was super excited and anxious only to find a cup of tiny chunks of carrots and no puree at all. LAME!! So round two, I watched the youtube video AGAIN and realized I forgot to add water to the carrots when I pureed them. This time I waited 15 full minutes for the carrots to steam and I didn’t cut them so small. *light bulb moment* This is how the second attempt came out

I am soo proud of myself. I typically can’t boil water, I could hardly make tea for Jennifer yesterday so me cooking for Olivia was a daunting task. I repeated the same steps for the kale but sadly it came out like this

No wonder I didn’t see any recipes for kale in my Cooking for Baby book. So tonight she had carrots for dinner but she seemed quite pleased

There were a few large pieces but Antz just picked them out *next time I’ll blend longer* I put the leftovers in the freezer and I watched a video that shows you how to defrost food with the Beaba. Overall, I like the Beaba, it’s easy to use, not too messy. The only con is the lids get hot so I was having trouble removing the lids without a potholder but I am very happy we bought it. I like that you can use the spoon to pour the hot water out. I am thinking of buying the Beaba cookbook but I am not so happy about the $39.99 price tag. I can’t wait until I can combine more foods *like fruits and veggies* so I can try the recipes in my cookbook. I want to get some softer veggies *peas, green beans and broccoli* I think tomorrow I’ll go to Target and maybe Culver City farmers market. We decided to only go to volleyball every other week because driving Olivia to Antz Mom’s house every Tuesday and then driving to Hollywood is a bit much for me *close to 3 hours in the car*.

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