Pretty Handwriting

I adore fanciful penmanship. When I was a wee lass in Catholic School we had a calligraphy class and I was in heaven. I used to play school at home and practice my cursive all day long *that’s how only children do it* As an adult, I pride myself in my nice handwriting but I have a huge problem with keeping my writing straight. I cannot correct my writing where is turns out centered and the same size. I have somehow completely forgotten the calligraphy techniques I learned so many years ago but that doesn’t stop me from buying pen sets from stationary stores. My grandmother had the most entricate and gorgeous cursive. If I was a handwriting analyst I would say her handwriting said alot about her character. She carried herself in a old-school prissy but cool sort of way. She would wear gloves *not like Madonna, more like Lucy* and match her handbag to her shoes. Her penmanship was very refined and elegant and I really want to pass that to Olivia. I feel like handwriting is a lost art in this digital age. I still enjoy sending thank you notes on paper in the mail. Anyway, long story, short…*too late* I saw this on facebook and it made me want to practice my calligraphy skillz.
Legacy of Letters from Luca Barcellona on Vimeo.

Simply lovely. I think I’ll try my hand at making a video…depends on how lame or not my writing turns out. I know we are lagging on making Olivia’s video but I am making a promise to complete it by her first birthday!!

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