First weekend of Wintah!!

Boy, oh boy, we had an awesome weekend! I am not used to having actual seasons in California but we are starting winter, for sure. It rained pretty much all day and night Saturday and Sunday it was sunny but cloudy and chilly. I have been trying out the timer setting on the Nikon with different results.

Manual Setting *boo, I seldom wear jeans*
Automatic setting
Portrait setting *nice & blurry*
We broke out Liv’s new hat and went to the Studio City farmers market.

We bought a couple of these mystery veggies. I thought they were squash but they aren’t

I can’t get over how steroid pumped there persimmons are. We have a persimmon tree and ours are like persimmon midgets!!

Everything was king size and yummy-looking

Lobster ‘shrooms!!

I have been eating pomegranates like nobody’s business.
We had lunch at Panera Bread *yummy* I always get broccoli cheddar soup in a bread bowl but I wish I didn’t when I saw how delicious Antz chili and cornbread looked.

Since we were out, we decided to randomly drive to my Mummy’s house in Apple Valley for a surprise visit. It was snowing in the mountains by her house and it was super cold! Antz took some sweet shots from the backseat.

My Mommy’s casa

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