Yo Gabba Gabba Live!!

Today was the day, after a disappointing non-shopping morning, it was 1pm before we knew it so I got busy on my Yo Gabba-cure

*I was a little rushed so I had a few smudges*

And we made it to the Nokia Theater just in time for the show at 2pm. It was crowded but not too annoyingly crowded. This is going to come off as biased but…she was by far, the cutest baby there!!


Tons of people kept coming up to us saying how cute she was!!

We *well, I* resisted the temptation of the light up glowsticks and other wacky merchandise, we ended only buying her the Brobee backpack. I wanted to get her one anyway so that was quite practical of me!!

I made it on the big screen while they had Dancey Dance Time!!

Biz Beat of the Day was awesome!!

I forgave this Silver Fox’s *giant head* since he took our picture later

Biz Markie was so sweet, he took kids from the audience and let them beatbox, I can’t wait until Liv is old enough to bust out some beats!!

She was pretty wiped at this point, we tried to wake her up for the Party in My Tummy finale but she was like, later guys

The Goodbye Song

She was out, I don’t know how she slept through all the noise and lights.

 We went to Roscoe’s for dinner and boy was it yummy!! It was a perfect day

I need to run, we are going to the Grove to check out Anthropologie’s sale and then we are meeting for dinner at Story & Chris’s house!! Laters

3 thoughts on “Yo Gabba Gabba Live!!

  1. That looked so cute!! I'm glad you all had fun! Lily's getting more into Yo Gabba Gabba now.. She'll actually pay attention now to something that's not Sesame street! lol Glad to see you all also had a good turkey day!

  2. Leeeeeeeeannnnnnn!
    Hey chica!! How have you been?? I missed you 🙁 We had a blast at YGG but we are looking forward to when Liv is older and can actually go onstage and interact with the characters. Turkey day was great but I am now dreading January because Antz is making us get into shape and *gasp* eat better. BOO!

  3. I know, I've been a terrible blogger.. But know I check on ya all the time! =) Love your pet peeves post! I agree on EVERYTHING!! And I'm totally hating the “one picture at a time” uploading on here… It's pissed me off so much I've been silent for a while.. Terrible, I know! I thought it was so adorable that Liv was PASSED OUT at the end! Too cute! So “baby” of her! hehe Yeah, I wanna do the whole “eat better” thing as well and it's just dumb to try and start BEFORE Christmas with all the amazing goodies that are at your fingertips during the holiday season.. So, we'll probably do the same and wait till January. Either that or eat healthier for other meals so we can PIG OUT on the holiday goodies.. But I doubt that'll happen.. haha

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