Holidays Hullabaloo

So it turns out that we are going to Thanksgiving dinner at Antz Mom’s house after all. This is good news since last year the food was excellent, I totally pigged out and blamed it on pregnancy



Starting with Me & Antz going clockwise; Antz Mommy, Maria, Antz sister, Debra, Antz Aunt Marjorie, Antz sister, Reva, Antz *our favorites* niece & nephew, Evelyn & Dion, Antz niece *sadly she got cut off* Schanelle, Antz Aunt Barbara, Antz sister, Clinnie and Antz Uncle, Richard.
Not sure what excuse I can use this year to eat everything in sight, but at least we are bringing food. I’m making pumpkin cupcakes and Antz is making his famous deviled eggs. I am trying to convince him we need this egg platter
 I am so stoked for Liv to wear her new pretty dress!! After dinner, we are heading over to Aimee’s Mom’s house for dessert. Antz hasn’t seen Aimee’s family for at least 5 years so it will be a bit of a reunion.


I’ve been pretty boring this week. Last night we had a date at Afloat Sushi again. We LOVE that place. We tried to keep it under 12 plates but we each had 7 plates. Antz cannot resist the dynamite roll *California roll with eel on top* So I have decided to go ahead and do some Black Friday shopping *online of course* but I definitely held back my shopping impulse since I have my eye on the prize to *SELL, SELL, SELL* I am having one of those epiphanies that I had when I was planning the bebe shower. I could cut out all frivolous spending, re-prioritze our budget and cancel our trip to London in 2012 *yeah right* so we could put our house on the market but I am once again crying that same tune *the Lizzie, Woe is me Blues*. I can’t bear the idea of not having fun and having to deal with reality of *boring adult stuff* later. I know moving to Atwater Village is #1 but I don’t see us being about to sell in this lame economy/housing market. I can’t wait it out forever, either, the house is constantly needing repairs and we are outgrowing the space as Liv is growing. I will definitely see how *quickly and how much* our neighbors house sells in February and hopefully it will give us a better plan on selling ours. At least I have my amazing real estate agent Debora. I trust her completely and she will be able to advise us. I just have to make all the repairs and get the house ready for open houses before I call her. I really think spring of 2013 would be a good time to list the house *hopefully by then the market will have improved*. It gives us time to get the plumbing repaired, give the trim of the house a fresh coat, maybe remove the popcorn ceiling in the hallway and living room and remodel the kitchen and bathroom. Why does it always come down to sacrificing something I’ve had my heart set on for years? The worst part is I am starting to listen to Antz logic, that a trip to Europe when Liv is so young may not be worth the expense. He even thinks we should go right after the Olympics when everything is less expensive. I could totally remodel the kitchen and bathroom with the amount I plan to spend for the Olympics. BOO!! *major eye roll* I do not want to give up my dream trip *or postpone it* I am totally bratting out, folding my arms, stomping my foot and pouting!!

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