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My DIY Midi skirt

I mentioned here all about my love affair with midi length skirts/dresses. You see, they are perfection for me, I am a giant. Someone of my stature can always use more length yet a maxi dress looks like I’m swimming in fabric *ie:a tent* Midi is in between your knees and your shins. Finally I… Continue reading My DIY Midi skirt

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2013: Looking Back

Days, weeks and years are really warp speed ever since Liv was born. It’s ridiculous how much fun we are having with this kid. Even her worst days are fantastic because she cuddles up to us and says “I’m sorry I was bad and says I love you Mommy and Daddy.“ Feels like yesterday she… Continue reading 2013: Looking Back

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Our Kitchen Remodel Part Three The Grand Reveal

We began our remodel April 8th and finished this Monday, May 13th. We learned a lot, spent a little more than our original budget but made it through the remodel with relative ease *only a few tears were shed* I searched for ages to find my metal stools. I couldn’t afford these stools from Industry… Continue reading Our Kitchen Remodel Part Three The Grand Reveal

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Our Kitchen Remodel Part Two

Here’s where it gets real. I was terribly stressed out over the Ikea delivery which weirdly was scheduled for a Sunday. The ape who called me to confirm our appt. put that unneeded drama in my head by telling me we will have 3 boxes that weighted 800lbs. Umm, okay Ikea is famous for their… Continue reading Our Kitchen Remodel Part Two

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Happy Happy, Joy Joy!

Today was epic. I am pleased to announce our cabinets have been installed in our new kitchen. I wish I could share the photos but please hold your horses until the grand reveal *we’re looking at next Thursday*   So far this process has been relatively stress-free. We did go over budget a tad, but… Continue reading Happy Happy, Joy Joy!

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I’m gonna miss my floors

Boo, yesterday was my last night with my beautiful unfinished kitchen floors. This morning they will be sanded and stained a darker color. Just how dark we’ll go, we’re not sure yet. Antz has a strong opinion and he’s an artist so I’ll go with what he says. He already knew best when choosing our… Continue reading I’m gonna miss my floors