2010…It was a very good year!

So, today is the last day of the year. When I think back in reflection, 2010 was a pretty rad year for us. Not only because Olivia Lily was born this year, but I really think 2010 was pretty awesome overall. I remember going through stress-hell having our garage roof/deck repaired for 2 months but now that it’s been raining like someone left the sprinklers on in the clouds, I am so relieved we didn’t have to worry about a flooded garage.

Our puddle deck in April 2010

Just finished in May 2010
Withstanding the rain December 2010

This year was pretty huge for our house. We did more projects this year than the whole 4 years we’ve lived here. It’s like I finally grasped the concept of design, remodel and DIY instead of just living in a house.

Fireplace remodel

Nursery Remodel

Front stairs tile repair

New Stove *it’s no wonder I never cooked before*

I learned to cook and bake this year which is crazy because I am a self proclaimed non-chef *I haven’t made edible food for the past 14 years* It’s funny how when I was younger, when I thought of the year 2010, I imagined there would be flying cars and robots walking around. I think the best part of 2010 is how genuinely happy I am. I am usually a happy *albeit, potty-mouth, complaining* girl but I found true happiness and fulfillment in my life this year. Despite our lame neighbors, wanting to move to Atwater Village so bad it hurts, bad plumbing, our stinky dog, my lovely double-chin and typical everyday drama, I can’t remember *well, maybe my wedding day and when we traveled to Europe* a time when I was truly happy.

2010 has definitely been my year of Enlightenment. I have so many awesome things happening in my life, I don’t want ever take them for granted. I have a beautiful, considerate, smart, clever, talented and fantastic husband. He is a Godsend, I couldn’t ask for a better soulmate, our relationship feels fresh, new, exciting, and he still gives me butterflies in my tummy when I look at him.
I have the most amazing daughter in the world, I feel like I am still dreaming about her like I did for 3 long years. Her big toothless grin, her soft narrow, little feet, her curly hair, big brown eyes with long gorgeous lashes, the yummy way she smells, when she pulls herself up to sit up, the little squeaks she makes, all the ingredients of perfection. Her birth was the best moment in my life. Nothing can top it. She is such a joy to my life. I am so grateful for her.
I have the most incredible Mommy and Mother-in-law ever. I am so lucky to have such support and encouraging people in my life. I have reached a new level of friendship with my BFF. We aren’t just friends, we are sisters, I feel so much closer to Aimee now than I ever have. She is such a loyal, funny, sweet, loving, witty girl, I love her to death!
I have good friends/family that make me laugh until I cry and I feel loved. I have so much radness in my life, I can’t see how things could get any better. As always, we must pay tribute to those we lost in the past year.
In Memorium…2010
I am glad to see this old relic go, sayanara!!

We lost the laundry curtains in an tragic paint spill
So sad, I accidently decapitated my Groom Calvera.
The mold in our garage from years of water damage, you won’t be missed
The popcorn ceiling in the office/nursery. I’m hoping the popcorn in the hallway and living room go next year
Our delicious surf n turf Anniversary meal at Dukes

truly pathetic!
I’m kicking my addiction, so long Cn’C!!
Well, it turns out our neighbors *on our left side* moved over Christmas weekend. That’s surprising because they told me they would be moving/selling in February. Now they are selling in January and they are renting a townhouse in Ventura. I am sad to see them go. They were awesome neighbors, they had sweet
girls *playmates for Liv* and they kept their house well maintained which helped the blocks value *not like there is much* I do want to know how they do selling in this market. It will help when we sell to know what type of traffic they get at their open house and how many *if any* offer they get. The neighbors *the Jones’s* are coming by this weekend to see Liv and say proper goodbyes *and I can grill them about their house*
I would like to go to The Nutcracker ballet today at the Pasadena Playhouse but Liv is too chatty and it may not be appropriate to bring her to the show. So we don’t have a plan for tonight yet. I would like to drive up the coast *it’s so beautiful and sunny after the rain* but I have to convince Antz to go out. We are hanging with our awesome niece & nephew, Evelyn & Dion tomorrow *I’m considering going on our favorite hike in Malibu, if it’s not to chilly, and then go to our favorite Indonesian restaurant in Westwood*
Nouvelle Année Heureuse, Belles!!!!

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