It’s curtain time in the living room

Today was Christmas because my curtains arrived via UPS!

I was worried I would miss them because I went out to have lunch with Antz, Story, Dave & Warren. My UPS guy didn’t ring my bell as he usually does but he tossed the package over the fence which sucks because he could have broken Olivia’s owl bank. Luckily it’s all in tact and my curtains look like they will improve the room greatly. They are too sheer so it looks like the mini blinds may stay put. Maybe tomorrow I’ll give the windows and sills a good scrubbing.
This morning Antz and I somehow woke up before 8am without Lola throwing her regular feed-me tantrum. It was a sunny morning so we wandered around the backyard. Antz used our new fruit picker on the lemon tree. As I was looking at the upper patio, I was trying to mentally see how the tables and chairs would fit. Antz keeps assuring me that it will fit and he suggested I buy a black linen cloth for our table with the umbrella hole since Pico Party Rents doesn’t carry them. He also suggested that we ask our gardener to trim down the orange tree that is blocking part of the yard.

I need to take the measuring tape out and confirm that a 60″ round table and 9 chairs will fit on the patio with enough room for a 5ft table for the food and a gift/games table. Antz thinks we should put the gift/games table downstairs so guests can drop them off and it won’t be so tight on the patio but I was considering opening the presents so that may not work. He assures me once we have the tables and chairs he will make it all work out so I trust him. He did mention something I completely spaced out about, but that’s because we are not coffee drinkers. He said we should serve coffee with the desserts, Starbucks is the best deal for $12 for 12 servings.

So cute, we are having caffeine and non-caff and it includes cups, stirrers, sugar, and cream. We also took another look at the linen swatches and decided that royal blue is much too dark and we’ll choose turqouise.

I’ll have a better idea when I get the feathers. I am still having guest list problems because I want to keep the total at 45 but I want to invite 4 more friends from Antz job and that means I have to cut 4 of my friends even though I don’t see them often. I am also $218 over budget.

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