The Dub-ya

As I have mentioned about 400 times, I would like to stay at all 50+ W Hotels around the world #18. This is quite the accomplishment because I somehow continue staying at the same W, multiple times. In this case, it’s the W San Diego.

We stayed there in April 2008 to see a Lily Allen concert *which was fantastic*

I am close to booking again for Liv’s 1st birthday yet I hit a snag when I was informed that my preferred membership wasn’t being applied to my online booking. Gah, I had to call customer service and am I glad I did. I was originally going to pay $339 per night for 3 nights with the 4th night free *the benefits of preferred membership* but the agent told me I can get the same room for $191 per night with the 4th night free. Bollocks!! why am I always getting the shitty deals? Well, as much as I wanted to go ahead and book over the phone, I have to wait until Friday when we have our tax appt. so I know with 100% certainty we are going to San Diego. The rate is prepaid and non refundable so I have to proceed with caution. I was also trying to see how much the rates would be if we booked a room during Comic Con *I’m attending this year with Antz as his guest* so I expected the rates to be sky high being that it’s the biggest convention and it’s in July but she told me nothing was available at all! Sheesh, the tickets just went on sale last week. Boo! I thought being a preferred member would have gotten me a little bit of clout but all she had was a nearby Sheraton for $399 per night. Well, maybe we’ll book it or maybe we’ll just do one day at the show and drive home that night. Either way it’s still not adding to my list of W’s!! Maybe we could go to San Francisco for Liv’s birthday. We did stay at the W Silicon Valley but I haven’t stayed at the Dub in SF and the San Francisco zoo is pretty rad *we went in 2005*.

I really miss SF, when I worked at JetBlue we would go all the time. However, that would bump up the birthday budget because we would have to fly and rent a car, sigh! What really inspired me was this post of Maggie’s sponsored trip to Restaurant Week in New York with the Travelocity Roaming Gnome

Our gnome, Henry is quite jealous!!

I have been so indecisive lately. I am second guessing everything because I want to stay true to my Scarlett O’Hara pact “As God as my witness, I’ll buy a house in Atwater Village before Liv starts kindergarden.” so I’m trying my hardest to chill on the expenditures. I already want to spend a fortune on presents…





So many awesome options! That’s not including her convertible car seat *which I’m sure we’ll have to get in the next few months* and new clothes. Whatever W we end up at, I’ll thank my lucky stars, it’s been 2 years since we took a real vacay and I am itching to get out of town. I am still mourning our trip to London but I keep reminding myself it’s for the greater good. Well, keep your fingers crossed I will have a prosperous appt with Gail and snag the cheaper rate. I’ll have to order her Radio Flyer wagon before June so she can use it at the zoo and Sea World. Tonight, we went to the mall to pick up an outfit for Liv for D-land. I really wanted these shorts from BabyGap

But sadly they didn’t get the spring line in store yet *the salesperson told us to come back tomorrow* but we got a cute outfit and a pair of shoes that will be terrific for the photo shoot *Antz made me promise to stay mum until the photos are done* so of course I’m itching to blab! He took me to the children’s stores he has been getting really cute stuff from lately but I didn’t see much I liked. Well, I started this post at 10pm and it’s already past midnight so I’m ready to hit the sack.

Nighty Night Lovelies!!

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