Lame-o Stupidbowl!!

Allow me to express my complete and utter annoyance with football *or any other professional sports* particularly the lame fanatics. I could care less about over paid neanderthals stuck in PE class. I might have more respect for the athletes of America if they weren’t constantly getting caught doing the dumbest things *dog murder, maid rape, driving drunk with guns in the car*, just another reason why I despise sports. Also, I think the halftime show and commercials are overrated and unless you are flashing a boob, I’m unimpressed. Okay, I have completed my rant.

Now it’s shame on me time, I have been really lazing on posting. Last week was pretty hectic but that’s no excuse. 
*Bad Lizzie!*
Wednesday night Antz came home early enough to take a sunset walk through Atwater. It was like we were in the Twilight Zone because we were shocked to discover the children’s shop we always drool at their windows was actually open. Turns out they have very sporatic business hours but we met the owner’s husband and he was super nice. We bought a skirt and he threw in some free barrettes for Liv. Now another reason for me to heart Atwater Village! We randomly ended the evening having steaks at Applebee’s in Alhambra *I know, Applebees makes a pretty decent steak for under $20!* It was Liv’s 8 month birthday so we had to celebrate. The hostess gave Liv a balloon and she ate veggies/fruit from our plates. She was giving Antz’s steak a look straight from Tom & Jerry with cartoon eyes. I think we may start bigger meals since she’s always wanting more food.
So Thursday Aimee, Liv and I went to a cosignment shop in Silverlake
I was all excited to sell Liv’s 0-3 clothes and my preggo books but after the owner evaluated my stuff she offered me a store credit of $19.50 for my $70 Stella McCartney set, Janie & Jack tutu bathing suit, 5 of my preggo books and several BabyGap onesies. I was dumbfounded. I wasn’t expecting more than $50 but she definitely got over $200 worth of stuff. I texted Antz to see if he thought I should keep the stuff and try another store but he said just get rid of it *since we are already keeping more of her newborn stuff than we should*. The store was pretty sweet, there was tons of adorable vintage clothes although they were too big for her *like 4 years and up* but Aimee and I picked out a few cute dresses and a handmade diaper cover.

Aimee loves the green dress but I would have to add some thick striped thighs, cream thermal or turtleneck and a these Mary Janes by Livie & Luca to complete the style I’m going for.

Very Brady Bunch, I know but that dress totes reminds me of my Girl Scout days and she needs a little kookiness in her wardrobe. The red dress *that looks like a dolls dress* will make it’s debut next weekend at Leslie & Stephen’s 2nd Annual Valentines Day Brunch *last year was fantastic*
We had our regular Target shopping spree but I had the bright idea to take a shirt Antz bought Liv and have her name embroidered on the collar *I am an embroidery-holic* So we went to the mall but the guy at the cart couldn’t fit his machine on the collar so I had to settle for this

The embroidery came out rad but I would have much rather had her collar monogrammed. Friday I was running around all day with my Mommy and her BFF. My Mom’s style and mine are like oil and vinegar, we never like the same stuff BUT…for some reason her BFF, Debbie mentioned to my Mommy that I was looking for baby Uggs and she found a substitute until I could find them. She told my Mom to buy these Zutano Cozie Booties. Adorable right? Say whaaa… Okay, score one for Mommy!! So we went to the store that was advertising them only to find out they didn’t have the color I wanted *turquoise* so the saleperson said she would have them transferred from another store and I could pick them up when they call me *still waiting as of today* but I think they are sweet, they are adjustable and will keep her tootsies warm *hopefully she won’t try to eat them like she does with all her shoes*. I took them to lunch at Afloat Sushi but Debbie doesn’t eat sushi and we went around 4pm so there wasn’t much selection on the boats.
3 generations of ONLY CHILDREN!!

*Debbie is always a joy to be around*
I seem to have bad luck with that place whenever I take someone and tell them how fabulous it is. I drove them home and by the time I got home it was close the 10pm *hence Friday’s lame post*!
Saturday was just as busy. We met Antz Mommy, his sister and his nephew at the cemetery his Dad is buried at and we hung out together *it was Liv’s first time going to visit her Granddad’s grave* afterwards, we went to the East LA farmers market since we were nearby and we totes lucked out on some perfect pears, yams and peanuts for myself *which I thought it would be funny to spill the entire bag in my car, lame!* We feed the ducks and ate paletas *that’s Mexican frozen fruit bars for you pale faces* and when we got home I vegged out on the couch  catching up with my DVR *An Idiot Abroad is my fave at the moment* I also finally watched A Single Man *after it was on my Netflix queue forever* which I LOVED not just for Colin Firth and Julianne Moore’s brilliance but Tom Ford’s impeccable taste for 60’s fashion, music and architecture *what I would give to have a time machine and be able to experience that decade sans the civil rights crap*. It’s pretty much the 60’s equivalent of Revolutionary Road another film I really adore.
And now that brings us up to date for today. We had to go to the Happiest place on Earth to pick up a ticket for Sarah *our amazing photographer* since this Thursday is our photoshoot and I need to drop it off at her sister’s house tomorrow. One the drive to Anaheim we noticed there was an open house around the corner from our house so we checked it out. When we saw the house, our jaws hit the ground! I am shocked there is a house this cool in Highland Park.
As you can see this house is a diamond in the rough, check out the neighbors dump…I mean apartments?

Mid Century Modern style among all these icky stucco traditional ranch houses.

Antz was sold the minute he saw this kitchen, everything was brand new, clean and tastefully designed.

This is the identical tile I want to put in our bathroom

2 bathrooms, I’m super jealous!

I am definitely inspired to renovate our bathroom and kitchen

The 3 bedrooms were modestly sized but ample closet space.

The backyard was the dealbreaker for me. The stairs may be a problem for when Liv gets older but we have stairs in our backyard so we’ll have to address the safety soon. Zero privacy from the 3 surrounding neighbors and the only view was of the noisy street below. There was 3 seperate terraces with enough space for a pool at the top but no way would I put a pool in a space with people gawking at us.
I had to get my car washed since it reeked of peanuts *I am such a clutz* and away we went to buy the Disneyland tix. We walked through Downtown Disney and checked out the Disney Store since Antz needs some new ears *his old ones won’t work for our photoshoot because they light up at night so you won’t really see them*
He tried a bunch on
Retro ears are too generic, yawn!
This one screams Dorky Dad!
*I am thinking it getting this for Antz as a Valentines Day gift but his desk is pretty crowded and I am worried Lola may knock it over, as she’s done with his figurines in the past*
We picked up a new pair of ears for Liv *in case we want to change hers during the shoot* but no luck for Papa, hopefully we’ll find some cute ones next Thursday. We went to Target to get the dog food *I forgot to buy on Thursday* and on a whim, we stopped at Old Navy to take a look at their spring line. I was hoping to score some shorts and a yellow cardigan but didn’t find any I liked. I did get an adorable dress *that I will be wearing to Disneyland* that is a total knock off of this Katie-Bot Holmes Celine dress
Antz bought some shirts and we looked at the bebe clothes but nothing really wowed me. So that was my week, I will try break my lazy habit and get back into daily posts. As a treat, here is our lovely’s latest weeklies but first, please check out my fierce Lola’s PETicure *soft paws are the best, since she’s always sneaking into the nursery against our wishes*
I crack up whenever I see her strutting around with her hot pink nails!!

This sweet girl has my heart, I cherish every hair on her head!

Antz made fun of my style choice this shoot but I love the stripes *and she is trying to eat her shoe as always*

*this is the new skirt we bought at Milas Boutique*
She’ll be a year before we know it. Stay little sweet baby, don’t grow up!!

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