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Hello, my name is Elizabeth and I will be your tour guide today. Okay, I’m being weird, for some strange reason I cannot write today *bear with me*  Aimee made the long trip to my neck of the woods and we had lunch at Olive Garden *cheesy, I know but that was Aimee’s pick, Lord knows I’ve dragged her to terrible restaurants*
but we cleaned our plates *all 5 of Aimee’s* That girl is teeny tiny but throws down like a competitive eater

Liv feasted on Aimee’s pear and gorgonzola ravioli because Super Mom left her pureed sweet potato at home. So this evening Antz and me went to the South Pasadena farmers market *I had to have some kettle corn* and we lucked out on some veggie for like $3 *closing time at the fm is the best time, they practically give you stuff* strolling through downtown South Pass *as the locals call it* I happened to see that this cute cereal and grilled cheese place was open, there was a bunch of people watching these 2 guys and it turns out they were having a food challenge *Man vs Food style* Both guys were given 1 hour to eat every grilled cheese sandwich on the menu AND a jinormous bowl of cereal too.

LOVE the artwork, this place is adorable
We met the owners who were super nice, it sucks they have such erratic hours but maybe we’ll eat there on a weekend. We left before they finished but I’m going to see the results on their facebook page. You know what’s a hard word for me to say? Amicable. I don’t know why this popped into my head but it bothers me that I cannot pronounce that word. *I’m not medicated, trust me it’s just one of those nights*
As we were walking back to my car we drooled *I mean I actually fogged up with my hot breath* the windows at this fantastic kitchen, tile and bath showroom. I know I couldn’t afford one piece of tile from this place butPRETTY!!!

Hello gooseneck faucet of my dreams *the one in the middle* we own the world’s only wall mounted faucet!!!

They have the loveliest-est tile ever, I am completely smitten.
This wall tile is perfect, the floor tile even more perfect. We’re going to check it out next Monday *Antz is off for Prez day* I am pretty sure I will regret going into this store because it’s much too fancy for me and when I go into high priced shops, I feel awkward leaving without purchasing something so I’ll be like Lucy and walk out with a $500 toilet seat cover.
Well, I gotta hit the sack, I am incoherently rambling like this news anchor did after the Grammy’s. I hate to brag but I discovered her first *ask Antz!!*

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