Mix Tape Fridays Vol. 9

It rained all day Tuesday. I’m not a fan of rain. Everyone thinks its so great, there is so few gloomy days in LA that it makes people crazy. The traffic comes to a crawl, the water wreaks havoc on our foundation *new wall cracks appear overnight, not good* and my dog paws get all muddy and he tracks it throughout the house. Boo! However, there are a few things that I enjoy in rainy weather *I LOVE cute rainboots and umbrellas*

I bought these a few years ago and I nerd out for any reason to wear them!!

I get in a sentimental mood for some melancholic tunes. Thus this week’s Mix Tape Friday inspiration. Not your typical “I’m Only Happy When it Rains” playlist. Hope you enjoy!

This is an obvious choice for rainy weather but I played this song at my wedding and it’s been covered by Björk. As difficult as this is to admit, as beautiful as Björk’s version is, she can’t touch Billie.

“Gloomy Sunday” Billie Holiday

This song is an obvious choice, its simply lovely.

“Stormy Weather” Sarah Vaughn

I must pay tribute my husband’s favorite band who are the King of melancholy whose new album *The King of Limbs* is due out this Saturday.

“Down Is The New Up” Radiohead

Sometimes the rain puts me in a Psychobilly mood.

“Haunted Cathouse” Nekromantix

Did you think I would make it without a Björk classic? Mon Dieu!! I listened to this song every time I was at acupuncture when we were trying to conceive and I would sing this to myself;

One day, it will all come true.
One day, when you’re ready
One day, when you’re up to it.

One day, one day it will all make sense
One day, you will blossom.

 *It happened*

“One Day” Björk

I could go on and on about how amazing Nick Cave’s talent is but we all know this. This soundtrack is a rare surprise, I really dislike westerns but Pretty boy Bradley, Sam Rockwell and Casey Affleck made it easy to stand, and the music t’weren’t too bad either!

“Another Rather Lovely Thing” Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

Please forgive me, I couldn’t for the life of me find the next 2 songs on youtube *strange they weren’t there, everything is on youtube* It is definitely worth a listen. This is one of the most beautifully, sad song I’ve ever heard. Jon Brion is one of my favorite modern day composers who often collaborates with director PT Anderson. I listen to it just to get depressed, haha!
“Chance of Rain” Jon Brion

I love the turn-of-the-century feel I get when I hear this song. It’s like everything instantly goes black & white. J’adore April March!!
“Mon Petit Cowboy” April March

This was playing in Liv’s nursery while I was watching the rain fall, rocking in her glider while I was breastfeeding her. I thought to myself, I should post my favorite rainy day songs.

“Lovely head” Goldfrapp

Yep, I hopped on the Grammy bandwagon and recently downloaded these guys but banjos and upright bass are doing it for me. I am typically not a Bluegrass fan but they won me over when I discovered they are Brits.

“Roll Your Stone Away” Mumford & Sons

Antz found this band for me and oh I love them so much *and I love my hubby even more for knowing me so well*

“Sur la planche” La Femme

Just because I’m in the mood

“Non, Je Ne Regret” Edith Piaf

All I can say about this chick is, I am soo happy I had the chance to hear her play live. I believe she is part fairy.

“Sawdust And Diamonds” Joanna Newsom

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