Headshots for the aspiring model/actress

With no prep time and very little sleep last night we begrudgingly woke up to get Liv ready to meet Sarah at the LA Arboretum. It only took us 15 minutes to get there and WOW! The place was lovely. We saw Sarah and she suggested we do the shoot on the front lawn/fountains. Aww yeah, no admission! It actually was the perfect location because we had it all to ourselves *aside from a couple of geese* and it was the best spot for headshots, simple, as the casting agent requested. Sarah worked her magic for an hour and since we weren’t in the photo shoot I was able to take shots with my camera while we sang and danced to keep Liv entertained.

Liv was on her A game. She was bringing personality and professionalism to the set. Seriously, with the hundreds of thousands of photos we have taken of Liv, she can model in her sleep.

This is why I hire a professional, my camera was casting a shadow no matter what I did. Sarah took a look at our camera and suggested we take it to Nikon for service. She couldn’t figure out the wonky settings either!

They are old pals

Wardrobe change

That white you see on the grass was silk falling from these massive trees. Liv found them fascinating.

Dad was amazing at making Liv smile

Alright, that’s a wrap!

I had to get a few with her wings

It was a beautiful sunny morning

Sarah is so super rad!! She is so sweet, she took a few of the three of us. She said the photos should be ready in less than 2 weeks, YAY!! I will email the headshot to the casting agent right before her birthday so hopefully they will sign her and her career will skyrocket!!
I need to drag my ass to bed, I have to get up early tomorrow.
I will leave you with this bit of geeky radness….
I adore this band!
Nights Lovelies!

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