Aimee, the infamous BFF

I mention Aimee here on the ole’ blarg but I haven’t really properly introduced her. Since we are celebrating year 14 of our friendship, BFF-dom I would like to share some things you may or may not know about my partner in crime.

We met back in the gay old nineties *that’s gonna sound ancient to Olivia* whilst working together at Starbucks. We vividly remember first meeting at the mall when her son’s stroller wheel broke and I helped fix it *thus enslaving myself to a lifetime of handywomanship to her*

We both went through a massively embarrassing Spice Girl phase *we are wearing 4″ Girl power boots* but I am the only one who has outgrown it!
Aimee has the most incredibly rad son, Holden who was 2 years old when I entered his world. Ohh, it feels like yesterday!!
I LOVE elephants!!
 *sorry, I took this with my iPhone from our scrapbooks*
Antz, Me, our friend Monica, Aimee and Holden at the Los Angeles County Fair *I know, I make Chaz Bono look girlie but like I said, IT WAS THE 90s!!*
Antz & I became surrogate parents to Holden hence it was our duty to make his *quite outlandish* Halloween costumes every year, this one in particular was tricky.
His request: “I want to be the magic mirror from Snow White!”
Antz: “I can do that
Me: “I’ll be the Evil Queen, she has fierce eyebrows!!”
As soon as we got to my company’s Halloween party *where we stole the show as best costumes* he decided he no longer was feeling the mirror so I had to beg him to take a few shots with me. Ahh, children can be so fickle!
We went to Disneyland together as a family

Aimee and me took our first official road trip up North to drop Holden off at Standford academic summer camp *I plan on taking Liv to the same camp* and during orientation we got a few raised eyebrows from the other parents because I am sure they thought we were a lesbian couple dropping off our adopted son.

Last time we hung out *at the 2008 Kid’s Choice Awards* he was still a kid who giggled at my lame jokes and was fascinated by anything I said.
 Then this guy appeared…

He’s now 15, 7 feet tall, his voice is similar to Barry White’s, he surfs or dies, asks me what does that mean whenever I tell a joke, has expensive taste in clothes, eats like he has a tapeworm and knows more about babies than I do. He’s still kick ass and I somehow manage to make him giggle in my uncool ways. He also is now a brace face.
He’s still a well-mannered, brainiac to this day which makes me incredibly proud

I have thrown approx. 5 birthday parties for Aimee, the most notorious one was at our old apartment right before she was taking a trip to France to meet her ex-boyfriend. I gave her an entire suitcase of clothes from my job at Contempo Casuals for her trip *a job I only took for a month to get the discount* and subsequently quit the morning after her birthday party.
We bought her a beach cruiser for her 29th birthday and I still haven’t gone bike riding with her yet. Maybe this summer when I finally make up my mind choosing a bike trailer?
Fun Fact: Aimee has been to Europe 3 times. Once she travelled alone *as mentioned above* the second time with our old friend Dina on a tour and in 2003 with Antz and me *honestly the most rad trip of my life*

Here’s a few things you don’t know about Aimee *and few people do* she is loyal beyond reason. She is a hermit but if you need her, she’ll be there. She is never late, as a matter of fact, she’s always super early. She is a lefty. She has a tattoo Antz drew for her on the back of her leg. She always smells sweet and she has the brightest smile I’ve ever seen!

Colgate needs to hire this lady, DING!

Here are some facts that are widely known. The girl can EAT. Waitresses are constantly doubting her grub skills and she proves them wrong every time! Sushi is her all-time favorite food but she does not discriminate against any food. She refuses to drink after anyone *cause she has a thing about sharing bodily fluids* Aimee is technologically challenged *she just learned about the facebook last year* she is seriously stuck in the 80’s. She has a nose ring and freckles. She gets mistaken for Halle Berry more times than she’d like to admit. She is our daughter’s Godmommy and is doing a fantastic job.

She is the baby of 3 lovely girls. She is relentlessly honest. She’s the only one who gets my celebrity obsession. She was my maid of honor… 

….and she gave the most charming speech about how we first met *the stroller incident* which caused me to weep with love.
She is an amazing Mom, total nerd, fashionably chic and the bestest friend I am grateful to have.  I can’t wait to grow old together and rock our Juicy tracksuits and be the “hip” old ladies at the nail salon getting pedicures still singing Björk.
Aimee, I love you babe!

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