Did someone say corn dog?

Late night Saturday, Antz and I were hanging out watching True Grit *awesome movie* on Netflix with Liv tucked away in bed. I decided since he gave me my Mummy’s day present early, he could have his a few hours early too. I told him if he could find where I hid his present he could open it. Well, the scavenger hunt took all of 3 seconds because he found the present in my grocery bag under my desk. Mr. Snoop saw it when he emptied my trash can under my desk that afternoon when I was at the bridal shower so zero points to me for hiding skills. Anyways, he ripped it open and was super happy to see his new toy. Happy Papa’s Day to the best dad ever!!

The next morning I made Papa’s day breakfast and expected to hang at home while he played on his ipad. He totally surprised me when around noon he said let’s go to Balboa Island! My ears perked up because that is one of my favorite places to walk by the water and eat fried things. Last time we went to Balboa I was 32 weeks preggers.

We are still in a June Gloom but the overcast weather was a great thing because the beach wasn’t as crowded as it would have been if it was a sunny day. The sun did pop out for a few minutes

We walked around, ate corn dogs, drank lemonade, it was a FABulous Fathers day!! Well, I need to hop in the shower, I’m seeing Gilli today. Tonight we are going to Sedthee *yum* with my friends Jessica & Trevor.

3 thoughts on “Did someone say corn dog?

  1. Thanks so much Nancy!! Happy Happy Father's day to your hubby too. Did you post any pics of Olivia's birthday party? I would love to see which outfit you picked for her. Oh and thanks for the compliment, you made my day!!

  2. Hey! I haven't posted any pics yet! 🙁 Too lazy…I will get around to it and let you know!

    How was Liv's celebration? Looks like you guys had an awesome time!

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