5 Reasons I’m Happy

In spite of my laptop being recently deceased…*sad face*

1. I, in typical Liz fashion, was all geeked up to attend Atwater Village Summer Nights, that I picked up my Mommy-in-law and nephew Justin to join us. Unfortunately when we arrived, we discovered that it took place the day before, D’OH! We still strolled around AV and enjoyed the cool weather, avoiding giant spider webs and had a pleasant stroll around my favorite place to be.

She runs now

You gotta love how cute my Mom-in-law’s fanny pack is. True Grandma Pimpin’

Spending time with my family rules. We made up for my mistake last Monday, Antz took the day off and we headed off early to the Annenberg Beach House for $1 swimming. I got a wicked tan and we swam all morning, Liv loved it!

Post-Tan *well, I can see a different*

The gorgeous recently restored property of William Randolph Hearst & Marion Davies. I adore places with history. We toured the Marion Davies guesthouse too. Yeah, this is what is considered a GUESThouse!!

The lovely views from the balcony. I definitely want to book the Annenberg house for one of Liv’s birthdays.

2. Gee, don’t I a ramble?…I am super stoked that our chalkboard signs in our Etsy shop are selling like hotcakes. Everytime I relist them, they sell out. Yippeee! The profits are being socked away into our trip to Hawaii for our 10 year anniversary fund *next August*

3. We had a super, fun, fantastic time at my friend Mia’s birthday party. She throws amazing parties. First, her house is ridiculously FAB, it’s enormous, it’s chic and fucking rad. She has this art piece from Fight Club that I need to have.
I always forget to take pics of her pad but you can check out her daughter Kaia’s nursery that was featured on LilSugar. Gorgeous, right?! I did a boneheaded thing and overdressed Liv for the stifling weather so she went topless *hopefully the only party in her life this will ever take place*
Madam Mia and Kaia *Bug*

Second, this is her genuis, she hired a fruit stand *I’m totally stealing this idea* to serve at the party. I scarfed down watermelon and pineapple. Speaking of scarfing, I cannot put into words how fucking delish the chicken they had was. I literally stood in the kitchen and tried to not look crazy as I popped chicken into my mouth while I carried on conversations and tears of joy formed in my eyeballs.

She served one million yummy cupcakes, she had so many we took a box full home.

She painted her dining room wall with chalkboard paint. Here’s Liv tagging on the wall.

Topless Liv raiding Kaia’s toy box *BROBEE!!*

I am dying over how adorable these girls are. Liv and Kaia totally bonded *heart*

4. I’m so happy, I can dance! The freaking Salteens rock my socks.

5. I am super stoked to be attending the Street Eats food festival on Sunday. Jealous? I am gonna eat, drink and be fuckin’ merry. Thanks to Steph for hooking up the passes *blows a kiss* I hope I don’t wear myself out cause on Monday we are having family over for an End of the Summer/Labor Day BBQ. We will attempt to make the awesome chicken recipe and I just may make peach cobbler #6….dream the impossible dream.

I’m up waaay too late.


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