Milton has emerged!

Check out our baby!!

As you know, our rad friends Terry, Morgan & Kieran adopted a baby caterpillar on our behalf on March 17th. He was the tiniest fuzzy speck living in a ketchup container full of nutrient.

His move from the apartment to his mansion was nerve-racking. We were holding our breath the entire time. I almost fainted when the tape fell a little while transferring him.

His new crib, with a lovely tomato garden decor

He was in chrysalis for about 7 days

This morning Antz woke me up to tell me Milt is all grown up. Sniff, soon Liv will be too!

He is a lovely Painted Lady-man

Hopefully tonight we will release him along with Butterfly Piper at Kieran’s house.

Piper transformed yesterday!

I wish Milt could live in our garden but he has to leave the nest and see the world. I’ll miss him. It was super fun raising him. I love when Liv says “Mittin Buttfwhy!

Last night we went to a Going Away *but not too far* party for my friend from Atwater Village, Leonora. She had a get together at a soon-to-be opening bar called Links & Hops. It was a cute space *totally reminds me of Maximillianos and Cafe de Leche* and that’s exactly what they serve, delish links of all kinds *I accidentally ordered a vegan apple link but it was pretty yum* Belgian fries and every type of beer you could think of *they had Morgan’s fave from San Diego* As soon as we arrived not only did my camera battery die but also my iphone. Luckily, Antz had his phone so I got a few pictures. We sat with Kumbi, JB & Tigerlily and the girls had us cracking up. They kept hugging and holding each other, it was totally adorable. We really had a great time, I can’t wait until they actually open so we can go back again.

Leonora was voted Atwater Villager of the year and it is well deserved, she is a huge part of the community and she welcomed Antz, Liv and me even though we don’t live there *yet!* She will still be an integral part of the neighborhood. Her adorable daughter, Willa is in the same dance class as Liv.
Liv cheering up Willa with a hug
Links & Hops had a soft opening for the party

JB, Kumbi & Tigerlily, what a gorgeous family!
Party girls
Antz forced me to bother ask Charlie Day *who is Leonora’s daughter Willa’s Godfather* and his lovely wife for a photo. I was dorking out but they were super sweet and friendly, despite my geekiness, of course!

Liv broke out her robot moves!

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