Feeling Reflective

Now that the hustle and bustle of Easter has subsided, I am reflecting on how awesome my life is. I still cannot believe I have this amazing little girl in my life.

The cherry on top of that, I have my lovely hubby, my incredible parents, Bobbie & Maria, my awesome bestie, Aimee, wonderful Godparents, Leslie & Stephen…so many rad friends and family are an important part of my life, I am overwhelmed with emotion. Everyone is healthy, doing well and is happy. Wow, I am a lucky girl. I am feeling thankful for all I have. Thank you to my lovely readers. Whatever you may take from this blog, I appreciate you taking time to smile, laugh or even roll your eyes at my antics. I remember starting this blog and feeling so lost, like a part of me was missing. Olivia has over-filled that yearn I had in heart. Things feel so simple and less complicated with her. I never knew I could take on the challenge of raising a child. It isn’t always easy, but being with her as a family feels extraordinary. It really does take a village, I have such a strong support system, I couldn’t do it alone. I could easily freeze time and keep her this age. She’s so much fun, so curious, fearless and also mischievous. Thank you Liv for being such a wonderful daughter. I love you blissfully. Thank you to Anthony, for being such a supportive husband. You inspire me everyday, you are the perfect example of a great Dad and I feel incredibly loved by you. Thank you to my Moms, Bobbie & Maria, you both are such marvelous Grandma and Grammy to Liv. Thanks for your unlimited babysitting, and knowing just the right amount of advice to give us! Aimee, thank you for being a stellar BFF & Godmommy. I couldn’t ask for a better mentor for Liv and I am grateful for our friendship which expands to family. Thank you Padrinos. You guys are so amazing, I felt so happy and right at home to be apart of your family celebration. We feel so fortunate to have you guys as family. I’m sounding pretty sappy, but I just am filled with love and grace.

Thank you

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