Happy early birthday!!

I can’t believe it’s that time again. June seems to always creep up on me and with Liv’s birthday, Father’s Day and Antz birthday, I am extremely busy. Yet we decided to celebrate Antz Mom’s birthday early *her birthday is in September* You see, I have a problem with not being able to pass up a deal. I saw a patio set for sale at of all places, a grocery store.

The original price was $350!

We were already contemplating getting her new patio furniture for her birthday but the availability in September is limited. I took Antz to see the set and he agreed, we had to get it now so she can enjoy it for the summer. We had to drive separate cars so he could fit the furniture in his truck. Let me tell you, I LOVE surprising people! Luckily his Mom wasn’t home but his sister was, so we were able to build the set and have it ready when she returned home.

Antz Mom has had these guys since before Antz was born. It was time for them to meet their maker.

Playing in Grandma’s garden

Antz the builder


She loved it!

Liv never ever wants to wear clothes, it’s a miracle we kept her jeans on.

Since my Mommy-in-law had a new outdoor dining set, I decided it would be lovely to dine al fresco. We had a chicken salad with dried cranberries, bleu cheese, avocado and balsamic vinegar. YUM-MERS!

Our umbrella died, so hopefully I can find another great deal on one. We could use a seating set for upstairs to go around our firepit. I want to have another s’mores party but our grass is so dead we would have to re-sod the entire lawn.

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