Disney’s Brave

This morning we took Liv to see Brave 3D at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood. We were apprehensive to take her to a movie but since this was a kid’s event with a live show, we figured it’s the best time to try. We went with Terry, Morgan & Kieran. She was mesmerized by the huge theater and the guy playing Disney songs on a gorgeous, old timey Wurlitzer organ *I love organs!!!* She was really excited to see Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Goofy & Donald Duck. She did okay during the first 20 minutes of the movie. She totally refused to wear her 3D glasses but it wasn’t super blurry without them. I had to take her out 3 times when she got antsy. We went downstairs and hung out in the lobby. They had a coloring station that kept her busy for about 5 minutes. She finally watched the end credits so she missed most of the movie but we still think she was spectacular. An overall success for her first movie. I really enjoyed Brave, so happy there was no cheesy songs and a strong, kick ass princess who doesn’t need a man! Merida’s weave was a glorious ginge, I hope Liv’s grows that long.
Afterwards, we went to lunch at Birds on Franklin so now I am super sleepy from an enormous cheeseburger *that I couldn’t finish* and sweet potato fries along with getting up at 8am.


Kieran was a pro, he sat still and watched the entire movie

Can’t wait to see Frankenweenie

Love this one!
Me & Hitchie

OMG!!! Tippi Hedren is my absolute favorite actress of the 60’s. She is so graceful and  beautiful. I have watched The Birds about 1,000 times!!

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