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The Neon Boneyard

I have wanted to visit this place ever since I heard about it 8 months ago. We took an hour long guided tour. Let me tell you, it was unbearably hot, Antz almost fainted. We learned a lot about the history of Las Vegas. It was pretty awesome.

Neon Museum

The staff loaned Antz an umbrella so Liv could stay out of the blazing sun.
The famous Silver Slipper. Legend says that Howard Hughes purchased the casino because the slipper kept him up at night.

I want one of these letters!!

Our hot tour guide, Mitch

this sign was used in the movie Casino

This was our first time going to old downtown Vegas
Vegas Vic & Sassy Sally *did you know a minister married them?*

We saw Cirque du Soleil O on our honeymoon, it was so rad!

Elvis talking on his cell phone
The line was too long to take a photo in front of the sign

Smell ya later Las Vegas, my eyes are still burning from all the smoke!

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