Happy Happy Birthday Aimee!

Yesterday was my besties’s birthday!

Aimee wanted chicken & waffles so we had to oblige. Usually we go to the one in Hollywood but there was too much traffic so we went to the one on Pico, you know, the one our President frequents. There must have been a billion photos of him in that joint, we get it, Barack loves yummy chicken & waffles. We ate ourselves into a stupor. Whatever they put in those delish waffles is addictive.

Sushi wrapping paper & a naked björk
Antz picked this Times are Tough towel from Spitfire Girl *the cutest store in LA!*

This card is made of wood
This big old nerd LOVES some Liberace!

We also got her a c-note gift card for Urban Outfitters

We drove past Sprinkles on the way home but there was a line so no cupcakes for the birthday girl *she was too full anyway* Olivia had us cracking up all day yesterday. I am so happy to have a funny kid. Happy Happy Birthday BFF!!!

Lola is rockin’ some serious laser beam eyes

PS This is my 777th post. That is ba-nay-nays!!

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