LACMA – Stanley Kubrick Exhibit

I’m still overwhelmed by how phenomenal the exhibit was. I had goosebumps the entire time. Stanley was obsessive, he was a storyteller, he was innovative, he was brilliant. That guy was awesome! Seeing the exhibit gave me a new enthusiasm for his films. The museum was not crowded at all and Olivia joined LACMA under a Next Generation membership *which is free and valid until she turns 18!*. There’s no need for me to narrate, just enjoy these photos!

I could have stayed here for hours. Awe-struck!
“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”
I took these two through a magnifying glass
While I gawked at every single thing some more, Liv and Antz went outside to check out the Levitated Mass
Otherwise known as a big ass rock
Levitated Liv
I really, really wanted to buy this book in the gift shop but I couldn’t just plunk down $200 for it so I settled for a $10 paperback book with some lovely photos. 
We had a super fun, rad, lovely day. I am so happy, happy! Christmas is 2 days away, Antz is on vacation from work until January and the world didn’t end!! Hooray!

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