The wheels on the bus go Fart, fart, fart!

Sorry I couldn’t think of a decent title and I am currently watching the Simpsons. We spent another fun-filled weekend in Apple Valley at my Mom’s. It was cold but it didn’t hail or rain. We had fun, and my Mom and Antz installed a  toilet *titilating, I know*. I am so stoked to try out our new fancy-pants camera. We went to the Atwater Village Tree Lighting Ceremony on Friday. Antz and I were sitting on the clueless couch trying to figure out the setting for the lens. We managed a few decent ones

We mastered the blurry portrait.

And now, the debut of my weekly belly photos, Antz made my sweet sign of course.

Top 3

My favorite one 🙂
I look summer-ry but it is freezing in L.A. and I had goosebumps! I went to my first prenatal yoga class last week. It was rad but I was so stiff and I everyone in my class was in their 30th week! I am going on Mondays and Wednesdays.
Thursday we are going to Paramount to see The Lovely Bones. I liked the book, not sold on the cast yet, but I do like Saoirse Ronan. We saw Precious last Monday, it was OK but the montages were corny and the whole plot pissed me off more than it made me feel empathy. Monique and Paula Patton were A-Maz-ing!
I am still looking for a French class and I am in search of a gnarly mobile. It’s a tough choice! My top 5 soon to come.
Adieu mon amis

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