Bob Baker Marionette Theater

I have bittersweet feelings about this place. The show is scheduled to close in late January 2013 and the property is listed for sale. The fate of Bob Baker and his legendary puppets is in the air. I have known about the theater for years but it’s in such a hidden corner of south Echo Park that we never made it to a puppet show. Bob has been entertaining children at this venue since 1950. His background with Disney shows in the style and music of the show. It feels like a live version of It’s a Small World. I loved the 1960’s twist in The Nutcracker show we saw today. Puppets have always held a fascination with me and even today we own a couple *one from Antz trip to Hong Kong and a new one from Leslie’s trip to Venice last year* but they are just for decor. The room is set up so the children can sit on the floor and the puppets interact with them. A blue puppy sat in Liv’s lap. It’s such a shame no one has stepped in to save this historical place. There’s no other show like it in town and there is an Academy of Puppetry & Allied Arts foundation which is teaching the next generation the art of Puppetry. I am honored to share something this special with Olivia while it’s still here. I highly recommend checking out a show.

Yikes! I really need a manicure.
We are working the totem pole pose!
The puppeteers were incredible!
Some of the puppets were very creepy
Liv loved the Sugar Plum fairy
This guy was so cute but he wouldn’t sit still for a decent shot!
I tried so hard to get good shots but the venue was dark and we couldn’t use flash, plus the characters were moving at lightening speed, so I have about 150 blurry shots, whammp, whammp!

 We headed to Brite Spot for lunch where Olivia was being woo-ed by an adorable boy in the booth next to ours.

Haha, check out the look he’s giving Antz
Liv was like, don’t embarrass me, Mom!
They played peek-a-boo very LOUDLY until it was time for him to leave.

I was all about getting this cutie’s number for a playdate but Antz was not having it. We have been enjoying his Christmas vacation and we still have a visit to my Mom’s and SNOW!!

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