LA Cake Club & Hello Kitty Exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum

Hello friends, I’ve missed you! This weekend was a busy one. Liv’s school follows French curriculum so when they have holidays off, so does she. She’s on October break for a week. We went to  Cake 🎂 Club this past Saturday. I missed the last one since we were in Europe so I missed everyone. I made pumpkin squares with cream cheese frosting. I was concerned about the recipe since I ran out of granulated sugar and substituted brown sugar but Antz thinks it made it taste even better. He loved them and devoured about 5 squares!

Here’s the recipe I used
Sara’s Mom made this beautiful cake
My sweet friend Ellen made this amazing Dutch waffle cheesecake
Honestly I always kick myself for not taking better/more photos at Cake Club but I’m usually stuffing my gob or chatting so much to remember.
  Thanks for another fantastic cake club, Sara!

Liv and her Cake Club BFF ran around like Superheros all hopped up on sugar

My friends and I decided it was a good idea to head over to the Hello Kitty exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum after lunch since we were so close.

We went to a kid-friendly Japanese diner in Little Tokyo
The food was excellent
The museum had timed entry so it wasn’t very crowded.

She’s adorable
I owned about half of this stuff in the eighties
I think it would be a rad idea to paint the walls in our garage like this one
I still think my bike is the best Hello Kitty beach cruiser ever!
I’ve been search ebay for this Mike Carroll for Sanrio skateboard for months, no luck
I hope to book a flight on EVA airlines one day
I loved Hello Kitty, My Melody and Little Twin Stars when I was growing up
Nine apples high

This piece was made out of tiny Hello Kitty heads all by hand using a ballpoint pen!
Cuddly Rigor Mortis seems to be following me
I was a little too excited so I didn’t keep a steady hand while snapping photos, whoops!
This reminds me of Mark Ryden but it’s not *gorgeous frame*
I own that tiny beaded purse on the right!
Hello Kitty dancer
Me and my crew. So much fun guys!
What’s up with pervvy aninme-robot Hello Kitty?

Buy your tickets online in advance so you won’t have to wait at the door. The exhibit will be at the museum until April 2015. 

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