Huge, Exciting NEWS!!!

Don’t you hate when someone tells you they have big news but they can’t tell you yet? I have to be that guy right now. I am super duper excited for my secret news but I can’t share with you until next week.


So this weekend was busy and fun. We were invited to try a ballet class with Liv’s friend Jianna on Saturday morning. The class is a little too early for my taste but it’s worth getting up at 8 on a Saturday! Anna Maria is amazing! I loved her other classes but I’m ready for Liv to get more one-on-one training and work on her technique. She’s on her way to becoming a ballerina.

Anna Maria, her daughter, Jianna and Liv

After class, we met Aimee for lunch at The York *which is becoming my favorite place for lunch*

Bestie kisses

We had the afternoon to take naps and play tea party with Liv before we headed back out for the Nela artwalk.

This guy looks like Wills & Harry!
Shopclass had a mini craft fair behind their store. Too bad I left my wallet at home or I would have bought a ceramic necklace I fell in love with.
I love these napkins!
Our artist showing off her work
The Nela Kids art show will be at Mi Vida Boutique until September. Lovely stuff!
Noel is super sweet, she made this spray paint art with Liv
I’m so proud of my future street artist!

We picked up Coral Reef Chinese food in Atwater Village for dinner to go. It was better than Panda Express but cheaper than PF Changs. It was decent, authentic Chinese food.

Sunday we went to Antz Mom’s house to borrow a few things from her. Clinnie cooked a delicious feast for Justin’s birthday/homecoming from spending most of the summer at his Grandmother’s house in Arizona. It’s cray cray that I was there when he was born and he’s 13 years old now. Dang, I’m totally a fossil!

Antz Mom, Dad, Justin and me back in 2000!

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