Pippi Longstocking the Liv Edition

Over a year ago my friend Aura came to visit me. She lives in Finland which I hope to go visit her one day. This lady is so sweet, she brought Liv an authentic Pippi Longstocking costume from Sweden! I was so super stocked!

Liv, Sofia & Elina
We took Aura to lunch at Frida’s at the Americana
Aura  made this flower balloon for Liv, the guy in the blue shirt asked her for a balloon for his kids, she made them their balloon animal of choice. He asked how much and she said, next time you see a kid who can’t afford a toy, just buy it for him. How fucking cool is she? I was totally in tears about how kind hearted my friend is!

So a few days ago, I put on our Pippi Longstocking dvd *the original crazy dubbed 1970’s version* for Liv to watch. She loved it! If you haven’t introduced Inger Nilsson in your child’s life, you need to, she is so badass. I persuaded Olivia to take off her Cinderella dress for 5 seconds and wear her awesome Pippi costume. Aimee and me were dying over how rad her costume was, complete with wires in the braids to make them stick out. I tried my best to get a good shot but she wasn’t in the mood for pictures. Darn kids and their free will…

So this is how the kid throws up the peace sign, totally gangster!
Next time she has to wear some of Dads shoes so it looks more Pippi.
Tommy, Pippi & Annika
Kiitos, my dear friend. I hope to come see you and the lovely girls soon!

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