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I can’t believe I failed to mention some huge developments!! The first and major change is Olivia has been sleeping in her crib since Monday! *well, she attempted* She has almost outgrown her bassinet and I promised that at 12 weeks *which she is today* she would start sleeping in her nersery. We don’t want her to become dependant on sleeping with us. So, we have established a nighttime routine since she is no longer falling asleep on her own. After a feeding and a diaper change, we read her a few books and end with Goodnight Moon in dim light. If she hasn’t fallen asleep by then we sit with her in the glider and hold her until she falls asleep. Then we put her in crib and hang out until she is deep asleep. She usually sleeps until 3am when she wants to eat. Then *hopefully* we put her back in her crib, if she doesn’t fall back asleep we put her in bed with us *guilty for the last 2 nights*. We are going to crack down and keep her in her crib tonight. She is growing up so fast. The first night she slept in her nursery I was a nervous wreck, peeking in through the door and standing over her crib every half and hour. She seems to be just fine in there but it has been unbearably hot so we leave the ceiling fan on and she has been going sans pajamas.
Another development has been now that Liv is growing her bassinet we have to think of a portable system *for visits to Grandma’s house*. I was adamently against Pack n’ Plays. I think they are cheesy *with exception to this one*

Unfortunately, this guy is sold out on  When we went to Apple Valley we checked out Pack n’ Plays at Target but we didn’t like any of them. I strongly detest any baby graphics *ie: Winnie the Pooh, generic ABCs or mainstream characters like Dora or Looney Tunes* so it has been difficult to find a set in a style I like. Well, I think I found one I can live with. When I went to Best Buy Monday to get the modem, I went next door to Babies R Us *a store I never thought I would ever go to* but I was curious so I checked it out. I wasn’t at all impressed *as I expected* with their inventory but this Pack n’ Play caught my eye.

Now I am not crazy about the plaid print but it’s the features that make this work. It has a changing table, adjustable mattress, storage bins for diapers and wipes, wheels to make it portable and a cute Monkeys motif. I think I’ll pick it up this weekend since we are going to Apple Valley on Saturday. I’ll probably sell our bassinet on craigslist in October.
I am hoping Antz can take tomorrow off *or at least leave early* so we can prep for our party and work on our new project. I have been wanting to frame Olivia’s photo shoot pics in a collage style on this empty space in the nursery

I like the placement Young House Love did for their daughter Clara.

We’ll check out the frames at Target and Ikea and I already have a shadowbox for her hospital ID bracelet. I want to decoupe a Thrift Shop frame like this guy

Restoration Hardware has this lovely shadowbox frame but the $79 price is pretty steep and too large for the space.

I would love to put her christening gown, bonnet and candle in it but I know it’s too short to fit. I’m sure Antz will figure out something genuis.

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