Violently Happy in Europe: Day Two Part Two

Next we headed to the incredible London Eye of course! I was so happy to pick up our tickets just as the sun was beginning to set. It had been grey and gloomy all day but just as we were about to step into our pod, the sun peeked through the clouds for a special appearance just for us.

This guy was MASSIVE! My heart started pounding
Look at that sun!
The view was breathtaking!
There were hardly any people in our pod, everyone took turns taking each other’s photos.
Best moment ever!
Wait a minute, we are really that high up?
shit just got real, PANIC!
Somebody get me off this thing!!
Sike! Just kidding. It was so slow, we didn’t even notice it moving
Almost at the very top!
We made it to the very top, 442 feet!!
My two loves, they are my everything!
Thanks girl from France for taking this perfect photo!

It was time to head back to our hotel to change into warmer clothes and get dinner. The plan was to get Indian food so we headed to Brick Lane.

Somebody is too cool for us. Hipster Liv is ready to hit the town
Dapper Antz, you ready? Oh yeah!
Let’s do this!
It’s impossible to venture out in London without coming across some rad street art
I am bummed I missed shopping at this place *Look Mom, it’s made from shipping containers!*
Not quite the lock bridge in Paris *we are saving our lock for then*
This shop reminded me of Aimee
Liv’s mannerisms crack me up
Artists at work
Nothing to see here, just some lass puking her guts up on the street
We walked and walked and walked until we finally found an Indian place
…that literally turned their sign to closed as we walked by, RATS!
Where’s the grub?!!
Luckily right across the street from our hotel was a food fare
We ordered the pulled pork sandwiches and some chips
Don’t worry love, the food is on it’s way
It smelled incredible
I found out the hard way, that drink isn’t Sprite, it’s sparkling water, blech!!
The sandwiches were good!
Liv, how many sandwiches could Daddy eat??

We headed back to our hotel and those two immediately fell asleep but I was too excited to sleep so I stayed up blogging, packing and staring out the window looking over London at night. Before I knew it, it was sunrise! Time is flying by because we are having so much fun. Stay tuned for the next adventure!


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