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LACMA Rain Room

I was so excited to hear that the Rain Room exhibit is coming to Los Angeles. I was so bummed I missed out on seeing it at MOMA in New York a few years ago. I bought tickets for the earliest date which was a month in advance. Olivia always gets excited to visit LACMA so she happily ran around the Urban Lights exhibit and wrap herself in spaghetti noodles (I don’t know the name of that one!) Of course I am reminded of the last time we were there for the incredible Stanley Kubrick exhibit nearly three years ago.


It was impossible to get her to leave the noodle display!


We arrived an hour earlier than our Rain Room reservation so we meandered (such a great word I don’t use enough) through the Japanese screen exhibit and checked out the beautiful Matisse.



DSC_1256DSC_1259DSC_1262DSC_1265DSC_1272DSC_1291DSC_1295DSC_1303DSC_1301DSC_1353DSC_1329DSC_1305DSC_1306Liv got soaked! They told us to move slowly, she didn’t listen.

DSC_1361DSC_1273DSC_1326DSC_1316DSC_1330This photo was a happy accident, I was trying to get Liv’s silhoutte but I got her profile instead. This child is effortlessly stunning.




Across the street from LACMA is the Wende museum which has an exhibit of segments of the actual Berlin Wall. Liv and I have been studying US Presidents so it was fun to discuss JFK and Ronald Reagan.


I think she loves her new Bobo Choses skirt. It’s hard not to buy all their rad clothes.


I wish I was half as cool as Liv is at five years old.


The rain room will be at LACMA until March 6th. Reservations go fast so get your tickets today!

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
5905 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036

A bientôt!

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