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Calico Ghost Town

Hello there! I celebrated my thirty-ninth birthday last Sunday, YAY! And also boo, I am not ready to hit my forties. Do I start wearing Mom jeans and drive a minivan? I’m old and lame, haha.

DSC_0399My BFF ordered this yummy ice cream cake for me before she left for Paris. Merci Aimee!

I spent the weekend with my Mom in Apple Valley. We found the sweetest little bunny (actually it was a baby Jackrabbit) outside in my Mom’s yard.

It was hard to not keep him as a pet for Olivia but we knew the little guy wasn’t suitable to bring home. We did put him in a box so it wouldn’t be cold during the night. He was gone in the morning so we hope he was reunited with his Mom. We didn’t touch him so his Mom wouldn’t smell us.

We took Monday off from school and work so we could check out Calico Ghost Town which is halfway on the drive to Las Vegas. Olivia loves all things Wild West. She was excited to find ghosts and gold in Calico. The town has a impressive history dating back to the late 1800s. Silver was mined from the mountains for years until the process of extracting the silver became more expensive than the value of the silver. The population of Calico went from 50 to a peak of 1,200 and currently has nine residents. We found it picturesque and lovely because the weather was nice and there weren’t too many folks there.



Doesn’t every little girl wants a creepy, demon-eyed doll?

DSC_0465I was lucky to find an awesome fox tail Davey Crockett hat for Liv (that fits over her big hair!)




I love train rides, so relaxing and we learned about the history and folklore about the town.

Liv and Antz were adventurous enough to go mine hunting in the mountains.


DSC_0664Doesn’t this schoolhouse remind you of the one from The Birds?!

I discovered that I would not last five minutes one hundred years ago. I think I would be better suited for the 18th century in France. I am sure I was royalty in my past life!



This pesky lil varmint was jailed for not eating all her vegetables!


DSC_0722DSC_0727I was excited at the idea that this was a Pet Cemetery !

Calico Ghost Town
36600 Ghost Town Road
Yermo, CA 92398

Open Mon – Sun
9am – 5pm

Yee-haw y’all!

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