The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Olivia’s school follows the French school calendar so her Spring break was last week. I love that it’s later in April after Los Angeles public schools because less crowds! We had a busy week and the highlight was Antz taking a day off so we could go to Universal Studios. Unsuspecting Liv received a Hogwarts school acceptance letter in the fireplace early that morning.


We bought some parchment paper and Liv wrote a letter *in English and French* to her class and we sent it from the Owl Post, postmarked in Hogsmeade!

Although it was a Tuesday and most of the rides had a wait time of less than 30 minutes, we had to wait over an hour to see the wand keeper at Ollivander’s wand shop. This is the kid who had a wand choose him. That didn’t stop Olivia from having Hermione’s wand choose her.



Little did she know this wand was capable of producing several spells throughout the park.


Liv had to practice charms and incantations, she is a natural witch!

Inside of Hogwarts castle for the Forbidden Journey. I was so impressed by the attention to detail. The portraits actually spoke!


The food was excellent at the Three Broomsticks restaurant. And yes, butterbeer lives up to the hype!



I must admit, I could have stayed in the Wizarding World all day just snapping photos of all the impeccable details featured from the films/books but I’m a dummy and I left my extra camera battery at home and of course the battery died in three hours. I was lucky to have my iPhone as a backup but I wasn’t happy with the photo quality. We spent the rest of the day going on the Studio Tour and all the other rides. I sat out for the Jurassic Park water ride but Liv was totally into roller coasters. We bought a season pass so we can return and I can take more photos and bring my butterbeer mug for a refill.


Universal Studios Hollywood
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608

Hours 9am – 7pm

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