I’m a glutton for punishment

We went to John’s *not-so* Incredible Pizza for a birthday party. It was a fun place, like Dave & Buster’s mixed with Chuck E Cheese with an all you can eat *awful* buffet and bumper cars, etc. It was amazing to me how many newborns I saw at the place. It was definitely not the most sanitary place to hang out but maybe I’m just a germaphobe. They had crossover pizza like mac n cheese, peanut butter and hamburger. I suggest they make a bacon pizza. I’m bummed summer is over. No more long days, no more great traffic going to Gilli’s and no more half day Fridays for Antz. The only event coming up is Story’s birthday and Halloween. Leslie may have a party. Oh, I almost forgot… Antz taught me how to use Photoshop! Here is my amateur attempt.



See how novice I truly am! I hope to get better over time because I want to put together a remodel of this house. I promise to blog tomorrow since it will be 9/9/09. Love & other indoor sports

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