Los Angeles Renegade Craft Fair 2014

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I feel like it’s been an eternity since I last posted but I adore the photos from our shoot in London with Lee so much, I hate to see them disappear from my home page. Well today we went to the Renegade Craft Fair and we were prepared for the California sun. We all wore sunscreen, I was armed with my parsol and Liv had her sunglasses. The weather Gods took mercy on us and as we were walking from the parking lot, we were caught in a rain storm. It lasted all of fifteen minutes but enough rain to cool down and hopefully quench our poor backyard’s thirst. The craft fair has moved from it’s regular location of the LA Historic State Park *which is under complete renovation* to the popular Grand Park. I loved the new location. The parking was a pain, but Grand Park is so lovely and we prefer the grassy area to the usual dirt field. I hope they always have it there.

Olivia’s crown was a huge hit, pretty much every person told her they liked it!
Little did I know the lens was covered in raindrops
Nan Lawson is one of my favorite artists
We had to show the lady who makes this rad jewelry the photos of Liv’s rabbit mask
Georgia Varidakis Jewelry
Uhh, here’s the P.O.P. Butter crunch candy booth?
I will definitely attempt to make this paper cake!
I loved this booth Haus and Home + Lord & Little
I want one of these awesome guys so bad! Yetis and Friends
How rad are the names of this tea?!
Hipster-in-training Liv put together this entire look
We found our favorite booth, hey guys!
We tried this new flavor, savory and sweet with a kick of spicy!
Their butter crunch candy is the best. Buy some GoPopCandy!
Antz tasted some really good watermelon jelly
Yeah, I loved these bags
Liv has really been into Pee Wee’s Big Adventure
Great pinatas

Hello Ann!
This food truck wins! Me So Hungry
I ordered the Monster burger and sweet potato fries
Insanely tasty
This kid has the longest legs in the world

We love the Magnolia photo booth @magbooth

Thanks for another fun Renegade Craft Fair. I hope to attend the fair in another city some time soon.

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