bonne peine!

I really, really want to learn French. I want our child to be fluent in Spanish and French. His Grandmother will teach him Spanish. I took 7 years of Spanish so I can speak it adequately, but I want to speak French to our bebe. For some reason, I have not been able to retain French, I have made flash cards, read countless books and listened to French podcasts. I enrolled in a French class at a community college last year but I felt out of my element and it was quite difficult without any prior French basis. I dropped out the first week. Maybe at my age, my ability to learn a new language is slowing. I am considering the Rosetta Stone software, I hear it is very successful.  Ideally, I would learn if I spent a year in Paris *sigh*. When I was in Paris I didn’t attempt French at all because every person we came in contact with spoke English.

The Seine River with Notre Dame in the background

On top of the Eiffel Tower
Me and Aimee in front of Notre Dame (257 stairs!)


Hopefully, I will learn it before our bebe is born *that gives me 9 months* Such an optimist!  My Mom may be coming into town next week but this week is at a stand still. Antz is playing volleyball tonight, I have not decided if I will go watch him play. It gets annoying when everyone asks me why I’m not playing. Saying I’m sick doesn’t seem to be enough, they want to know what is wrong and when will I be playing again. I just want to scream I MAY BE PREGGO!! so staying home is an easier option. We have been talking about a much needed vacation but I really want to start saving for the 2012 London olympics and if we spend any money that will mess up my savings plan. If I could go anywhere *without financial worry* I would go to Hawaii. I would love to spend our 10 year anniversary there. However Alaska is peaking my interest as well. Oh well, I’ll be happy if we get a weekend at my Godfather’s house in Palm Springs.

Au Revoir

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