Our Pediatrician is a BUST!

This morning has been a series of unfortunate events. We woke up early and went to our doc appt. That was fine, we had an ultrasound and saw Olivia’s face!! I cried, Antz says she looks just like me. Dr Teng says she’s 7lbs and she’ll prolly gain another pound by my due date. She ok-ed our bith plan but she told me I can’t keep the placenta and I may need induction with pitocin, boo! We showed the nurses our scrapbook and they loved it 🙂 We then went to the Corner Bakery for breakfast. I ordered for Antz but he was being a brat and said he didn’t like it. I got the same chick as yesterday and I got another free cookie *score*. Then we went to meet with our pediatrician, Dr Chapman. I didn’t get a great first impression, the facility was old and outdated and they made us wait for too long to meet with her. Antz really didn’t like her personality and the fact that she kept telling us she only works part time and may not be there when I give birth didn’t sit well with us. We asked her about her stance on vaccines and she is very pro-vaccines *which is fine* but it didn’t seem that she was very flexible. I want a pediatrician that has better availability and a cool bedside manner. This is someone I’ll be seeing for the next 18 years so we should like her 100%. So now I need to hunt for a new pediatrician 🙁
Another issue is there are only 2 guys working today and although they added another coat of stucco to the fire wall, they don’t seem like they are getting much done today. I hope they are working on the paint but David was supposed to come by this morning and pick up the wall paint to order more. The paint we left for him is still sitting on the porch. Now I am back into full panic mode that they won’t finish in time *grrr*
I called Pico Party Rents to add the extra chair and I’m still waiting for them to email me an updated contract. I also made an appt for my pedicure for tomorrow and my favorite manicurist, Tina no longer works there, BUMMER!! I hope I get someone awesome and I’ll be totally embarrassed by my awful looking feet *at least with Tina, she already knew what to expect*. I did have a stress attack but I am trying to calm down and focus on what I need to finish. Luckily I am still on track to get everything done and there are no major hiccups happening at the moment. I can only ask David so many times if they will be done tomorrow so I’ll have to wait and see. I am going to clean now, boo!
OMG, this day is going from bad to worst, my obnoxious neighbors are playing their drums and electric guitar now. I hate them so much, they better not make a peep on Saturday!! *puts pillows over head*

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